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Ackerman Trust - Deleted[Icon]
Admin Guidelines for the Implementation of the Provisions of State Law Relative to Low and Moderate Income Housing Within the Coastal Zone - Deleted[Icon]
Administrative Procedures for Implementing the Traffic Phasing Ordinance - Repealed[Icon]
Adopt-A-Beach Program - Repealed[Icon]
Approval in Concept Permit - No Longer in Use[Icon]
Bay Street End Planting - No Longer in Use[Icon]
Changes to the Santa Ana Heights Spacific Plan or to Aspects of the General Plan that Relate to the Santa Ana Heights Specific Plan - Repealed[Icon]
Children in the Library - Repealed[Icon]
City Employees Compensation - No Longer in Use[Icon]
City Landscaping Restoration in Conjunction with Public Works Construction - Deleted[Icon]
Coastal Zone Planning Management - No Longer in Use[Icon]
Commerical Uses in Residential Districts - No Longer in Use[Icon]
Community Beautification and Water Conservation - No longer in Use[Icon]
Complimentary Parking Permit Policy - Deleted[Icon]
Condominium Coversions - No Longer in Use[Icon]
Consumer Price Index - Deleted[Icon]
Conversion of Public Streets to Private Streets[Icon]
Cost-Sharing on Undeveloped Land - No Longer in Use[Icon]
Council Meetings and Agenda Distribution to the Public by Mail - Repealed[Icon]
Council Policy Review - Repealed[Icon]
Designation Assignment of Unassigned City Hall Vehicles - Deleted[Icon]
Disposal of Discarded Library Materials - No Longer in Use[Icon]
Electronic Communications - Repealed[Icon]
Employee of the Year ‎(The Dorothy Palen Award)‎ - Deleted[Icon]
Employer - Employee Relations - Deleted[Icon]
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