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2015-1 - Not Adopted[Icon] 1
2015-10 - Adjusting The Rental Calculation And Approving A Revised Model Permit Template For Residential Piers Located Upon Tidelands[Icon] 9
2015-100 - Regarding Disability Retirement and Reinstatement Determinations and Appeals for Local Safety Members under the Public Employees Retirement Law; Delegating Authority for Local Safety Members Disability Retirement and Reinstatement Determination[Icon] 3
2015-101 - Concerning the Measure M2 Expenditure Report for the City of Newport Beach for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2015.[Icon] 3
2015-102 - Making Determinations, Confirming Assessments and Proceedings and Designating the Superintendent of Streets to Collect and Receive Assessments and to Establish a Special Fund for City of Newport Beach Assessment District No. 117[Icon] 6
2015-103 - Not Assigned[Icon] 1
2015-104 - RESCINDED SEE 2016-29; Accepting the Suggested Modifications from the Coastal Commission ‎(LCP-5-NPB-14-0831-3)‎ and Approving Revised General Plan Amend. No. GP2012-002 and Revised Coastal Land Use Plan Amendment No. LC2012-001 Former City Hall[Icon] 54
2015-11 - Endorsing the Application for an Urban Streams Restoration Program Grant, and Determining Appropriate Environmental Impact Document, Conditionally Accepting Grant if Offered, and Designating Project Representative, Contract Manager, and Fiscal A[Icon] 3
2015-12 - Approving the Transfer Agreement for Fiscal Year 2014 Urban Area Security Initiative Grant Program Purposes between the City of Newport Beach and the City of Anaheim[Icon] 45
2015-13 - Approving the Transfer of Development Rights No. TD2014-002 within the North Newport Center Planned Community ‎(PA2014-212)‎[Icon] 4
2015-14 - Amending the Annual Budget Resolution No. 2014-52 and Establishing Certain Job Classifications and Adjusting Position Allocations and Salary Ranges[Icon] 3
2015-15 - Authorizing Suppression/Safety and Non-Suppression Personnel to be Compensated Portal-to-Portal for Services Rendered at Incidents, as Requested Through the Mutual Aid System[Icon] 4
2015-16 - Approving the Grant Agreement for the Community Paramedicine Data Project between the City of Newport Beach and the California Healthcare Foundation[Icon] 8
2015-17 - Ordering the Summary Vacation of an Existing 5-Foot Wide Storm Drain Easement at 121 Harbor Island Road ‎(Lot 20 of Tract 3283)‎; and Directing the City Clerk to record same with the County Recorder’s Office[Icon] 5
2015-18 - Ordering the Summary Vacation of an Existing 4-Foot Wide Sewer Easement at 3235 Ocean Boulevard ‎(Lot 16 and Southeasterly Half of Lot 15 of Tract 1026)‎; and Directing the City Clerk to Record same with the County Recorder’s Office[Icon] 5
2015-19 - Amending the Master Fee Schedule to Eliminate Outdated Massage Fees[Icon] 3
2015-2 - Adopting an Updated Designated Employee List for 2015[Icon] 8
2015-20 - Establishing an Off-Street Parking Meter Zone for the Marcus Avenue Parking Lot[Icon] 4
2015-21 - Authorizing Entering into an Agreement with the State of California and Designating a Representative to Sign the Agreement, and any Amendments Thereto for the Arches Storm Drain Dry-Weather Diversion Project[Icon] 3
2015-22 - Not Assigned[Icon] 1
2015-23 - Reduce the Business License Tax Charged to Out-of-Town Licensed Contractors to be Equal to that of In-Town Licensed Contractors[Icon] 3
2015-24 - Declaring its Intention to Conduct a Public Hearing to Consider the Granting of a Non-Exclusive Solid Waste Franchise to Skyline Construction Services, Inc. D.B.A. Scor Industries, a California Corporation[Icon] 5
2015-25 - Not Adopted[Icon] 1
2015-26 - Approving an Amendment to the 2009 Waste Disposal Agreement with the County of Orange[Icon] 11
2015-27 - Establishing a Fee for the Use of City Electric Vehicle Charging Stations[Icon] 3
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