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NEWPORT BEACH ZONING ADMINISTRATOR MINUTES <br />100 CIVIC CENTER DRIVE, NEWPORT BEACH <br />CORONA DEL MAR CONFERENCE ROOM (BAY E -1ST FLOOR) <br />THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2019 <br />REGULAR MEETING — 3:00 P.M. <br />CALL TO ORDER — The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. <br />Staff Present: Patrick J. Alford, Zoning Administrator <br />Chelsea Crager, Associate Planner <br />Makana Nova, Associate Planner <br />Ben Zdeba, Associate Planner <br />David Lee, Assistant Planner <br />Melinda Whelan, Assistant Planner <br />Liz Westmoreland, Assistant Planner <br />REQUEST FOR CONTINUANCES <br />None. <br />III. APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />ITEM NO. 1 MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 14, 2019 <br />Action: Approved <br />IV. PUBLIC HEARING ITEMS <br />ITEM NO. 2 Newport Beach Country Club — Tennis <br />Review No. DA2008-001 (PA2016-196) <br />Site Location: 1602 East Coast Highway <br />Club Site - Annual Development Agreement <br />Council District 5 <br />Makana Nova, Associate Planner, provided a brief project description, noting that this is a development <br />agreement review and that the Zoning Administrator's authority is limited to a status update regarding whether <br />the terms of the agreement have been met and additional conditions or requirements cannot be imposed. Ms. <br />Nova provided a brief status update. <br />The Zoning Administrator confirmed with Ms. Nova that development had not yet occurred on the site and no <br />public benefit received. <br />The Zoning Administrator opened the public hearing. One member of the public, Jim Mosher, spoke and <br />acknowledged that the Coastal Commission had previously approved a coastal development permit and <br />expressed doubt that Coastal Commission was aware of the 10 -year development agreement. He noted that <br />this coastal development permit had been allowed to expire. He also commented that the project development <br />protected by the Development Agreement and the associated General Plan amendment are not acknowledged <br />in the City's General Plan Land Use Element. In response to the Zoning Administrator's inquiry, Mr. Mosher <br />expressed doubt that the development agreement was valid, but noted that he did not object to the applicant's <br />good faith compliance with the terms of the development agreement. <br />The Zoning Administrator closed the public hearing. <br />As the applicant's representative arrived, the Zoning Administrator reopened the public hearing. Roy Roberson <br />of Land Strategies, LLC, on behalf of Golf -Realty Fund, O'Hill Properties, stated that he had reviewed the staff <br />report and was available for questions. <br />Page 1 of 6 <br />