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COUNCIL MEMBERS REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING <br />\CAL 9 i PLACE: Council Chambers <br />�� 9G��cFF TIME: 7:30 P.M. <br />�P DATE: December 10, 1984 <br />ROLL 9 <br />MINUTES <br />INDEX <br />P ent <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />A. ROLL CALL. <br />n <br />x <br />B. The reading of the Minutes of the <br />All Ayes <br />Adjourned Meeting of November 20, and <br />Regular Meeting of November 26, 1984, <br />was waived. The Minutes of the Adjourned <br />Meeting of November 20, were approved as <br />written, and ordered filed; and the <br />Minutes of the Regular Meeting of <br />November 26, were approved as corrected, <br />and ordered filed (page 359, regarding <br />Tract 11937, corrected to read <br />as follows: "Council Member Strauss <br />stated that he will oppose the motion, <br />not because of the merits of this <br />particular action, but because he <br />opposed the development from the <br />beginning"). <br />Motion <br />x <br />C. The reading in full of all ordinances <br />All Ayes <br />and resolutions under consideration was <br />waived, and the City Clerk was directed <br />to read by titles only. <br />D. HEARINGS: <br />1. Mayor Maurer opened the continued public U/P 3048 <br />hearing from the City Council meeting of (88) <br />September 10, 1984, regarding the <br />• <br />Planning Commission's recommendation.on <br />August 9, 1984, that because of the <br />applicant's failure to comply with <br />certain required Conditions of Approval, <br />the City Council consider the REVOCATION <br />OF USE PERMIT NO. 3048, which permitted <br />the establishment of a temporary <br />hand - washing, waxing, and auto detailing <br />ffacility in portable structures on <br />property located at 2166 East Coast <br />Highway, on the northerly side of East <br />Coast Highway between Newport Center <br />Drive and MacArthur Boulevard, in <br />Newport Village; zoned P -C. <br />Report from-the Planning Department, was <br />presented. <br />Hearing no one wishing to address the <br />Council, the public hearing was closed. <br />Motion <br />x <br />Motion was made to sustain the <br />All Ayes <br />recommendation of the Planning <br />Commission, and revoke Use Permit No. <br />3048. <br />Volume 38 - Page 373 <br />