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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />:A REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING <br />1000_7�`N� Gj 0&�03Vett PLACE: 7ca¢ci. Chambers <br />�TIME: � 7a00 P.M. <br />DATE: August 13, 1990 <br />Present <br />Motion <br />All Ayes <br />An <br />All Ayes <br />• <br />0 <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />X <br />MINUTES <br />A. ROLL CALL. <br />B. Reading of Minutes of Meeting of July 23, <br />1990, was waived, approved as written, and <br />ordered filed. <br />C. Reading in full of all ordinances and <br />resolutions under consideration was waived, <br />and City Clerk was directed to read by <br />titles only. <br />D. HEARINGS: <br />1. Mayor Plummer opened the continued public <br />hearing regarding GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT <br />NO. 89 -2(C), - Request initiated by the City <br />of Newport Beach to allow commercial/ <br />residential mixed use in the "island" area <br />between North Newport Boulevard and Newport <br />Boulevard in Old Newport Boulevard Specific <br />Plan Area. It is also proposed to amend <br />the boundaries of the Old Newport Boulevard <br />Specific Plan Area to delete areas <br />designated for residential use and to <br />consider changes to the issues identified <br />for consideration in the preparation of the <br />Specific Plan; and the acceptance of an <br />Environmental Document; <br />AND <br />USE PERMIT NO. 3380 - A request of OWEN <br />MINNEY to allow the construction of a <br />combined commercial /residential project <br />containing 2,000 square feet of commercial <br />development and three dwelling units on <br />property located in the C -1 District. The <br />proposal also includes a request to approve <br />a use permit to permit commercial <br />development of the site which maintains a <br />Floor Area Ratio which is less than 0.25. <br />Property located at 447 North Newport <br />Boulevard, between Orange Avenue and <br />Hospital Road, in the old Newport Boulevard <br />specific Plan Area; <br />AND <br />3PA 89 -2(C) <br />(45) <br />/P 3380 <br />wen Minney <br />SITE PLAN REVIEW NO. 59 - A request to Site Pln <br />permit the construction of a combined Rvw 59 <br />commercial/ residential development within <br />the Old Newport Boulevard Specific Plan <br />Area where a specific Plan has not yet been <br />adopted; <br />AND <br />RESUBDIVISION NO. 929 - A request to Resub 929 <br />resubdivide an existing lot and a vacated <br />portion of Newport Boulevard into a single <br />parcel of land for mixed use condominium <br />purposes so as to create one office <br />condominium and three residential <br />condominium units. <br />Volume 44 - Page 263 <br />