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6RWNANCE NO. 537 <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach does ordain as <br />follows: <br />Section I. For the purpose of <br />this ordinance, the term "paricing <br />meters" as used herein shall mean <br />and include any device which. when <br />the recording dial thereof is set <br />in motion by the deposit of anv <br />coin or equivalent thereof, shall <br />register the time that any vehicle <br />is parked adjacent to said parking <br />meter. <br />Section H. The chief of police <br />of the City of Newport Beach, upon <br />the approval of the City Council, <br />is hereby authorized to establish <br />parking meter zones, each of which <br />zones snail be of sufficient size <br />to permit the parking of only one <br />vehicle either where parallel park- <br />ing or angle parking is permitted <br />on any street, including streets on <br />which time limitations have here. <br />Wore been or may hereafter be <br />provided by resolution or ordin- <br />ance of the City of Newport Beach, <br />and to place upon the sidewalk <br />adjace t to said parking zone a <br />device known as a "parking meter" <br />as hereinbefore defined, which will, <br />upon the deposit of a one cent coin <br />or a five teat coin lawful money <br />of the United States, set the me- <br />chaniral equipment of said device <br />in motion so that ea'd device will <br />accurately measure. in minutes. the <br />poled of time during which said <br />vehicle may park in said parking <br />meter zone without violating this <br />ordinance or other ordinances and <br />resolutlo_ s o' the City of Newport <br />Beach in reference to the regu- <br />lation of parking upon the streets <br />of the City of Newport Beach. Such <br />parking meters shall also be con - <br />eLructed and mechanically egrdp- <br />ped so that the same will, upon <br />the expiration of the period of <br />time, commencing with the deposit <br />of a one cent coin or a five cent <br />coin and coding with the expiration <br />of the period of time that the <br />parlting of the vehicle in said zone <br />Is perritted, display a flag, sign <br />or signal which will indicate that <br />the permitted time for the parking <br />of said vehicle, as provided by this <br />ordina:ce regulating parking, or <br />other ordinances or regulations of <br />the City of Newport Beach regu- <br />lating parking in the block within <br />which block said parking meter is <br />Situated, has expired. <br />Section III. Any vehicle parked <br />in any parlting space in any park- <br />b19 meter zone shall be parked <br />with the hood oC such vehicle along <br />side of or nest to the parking <br />meter along side of such parking <br />apace, and shall be parked within <br />the lines marked on the street for <br />such parking space as provided <br />hereinafter. <br />Eection IV. The chief of police <br />of the City of Newport Beach shall <br />place or cause to be placed lines <br />or mark..s on the curb or on the <br />street about or along s_de of each <br />parking meter, to designate the <br />parkh:g space for which said park- <br />ing meter is to be used, and it <br />shall be unlawful for any person <br />to park any vehicle across any <br />such line or mark, or to park such <br />vehicle is such a way that the <br />game shall sot be within the area <br />so designated by such lines or <br />markings. <br />Section V. No person shall park <br />or stop any vehicle in any parking <br />meter zone as established under <br />authority of this ordinance, except <br />as permitted by this ordinance, <br />without depositing in the parking <br />meter adjacent to said space a one <br />cent coin or a five cent coin lawful <br />money of the Un :tcd States, nor <br />shall any person permit any ve- <br />hicle to remain stopped or parked <br />in any parking mete° zone beyond <br />the time permitted by ordinance <br />for the parking of vehicles in the <br />block in which said parking zone <br />is situated. <br />Section VI. Whenever any per- <br />son shall drive or concuct any <br />vehicle into any parking meter <br />zone as established under authority <br />of this ordinance, or to which any <br />parking meter is adjacent, or for <br />which any par! :ing meter has been <br />set, erected or established, to re- <br />main stopped for any purpose ex- <br />cept to receive or discharge pas - <br />Seegers or merchandise as permit- <br />ter by this ordinance, or within the <br />hours during which free parking <br />is permitted by this ordinance, he <br />shall for.hwith depos't in said <br />meter a one cent coin or a five <br />cent coin lawful money of the <br />United States, and upon the deposit <br />of said coin, said vehicle may re- <br />main stopped or parked in said <br />space for the period of time per- <br />mitted by this ordinance. <br />Section VII. It shall be unlawful <br />to deposit or cause to be deposited <br />in any parking meter any slug, de- <br />vice or substitute for a one cent <br />coin or a five cent coin of the <br />United States. <br />Section VIII. It shall be unlaw- <br />ful for any unauthorized person to <br />deface, injure, tamper with, open, <br />or wilfully break, destroy or im- <br />pair the usefulness of any parking <br />meter irstalicd under the terms of <br />this ordinance. <br />Section IX. The one cent and <br />five cent coins required to be de- <br />posited in the meters as herein <br />provided are hereby declared to be <br />necessary to compensate the city <br />for the expense incurred in fur- <br />nishing facilities, equipment, su- <br />pervision and regulation required <br />by such parking, and is found to <br />be a reasonable fee for the priv- <br />ilege voluntarily exercised by own- <br />ers, operators, managers, or driv- <br />ers of vehicles parking said ve- <br />hicles within said parking space in <br />conformity with the provisions of <br />this ordinance. <br />Scction X. All coins deposited <br />in any parking meter shall be col- <br />lected regularly by a person desig- <br />nated by the City Council of the <br />City of Newport Beach. <br />Section XI. On the deposit of a <br />one cent coin in said parking me- <br />ters, said one cent coin shall per- <br />mit the vehicle then in the parking <br />space opposite said parking meter <br />as aforesaid, to remain in said <br />parking space for a period of <br />twelve minutes; and on the deposit <br />of a five cent coin in said parking <br />meter, the. same shall authorize <br />and permit the vehicle then <br />occupying the space opposite said <br />parking meter as aforesaid, to oc- <br />cupy said space for the period of <br />One hour. <br />Section XII. Any person per- <br />mitting or a'lowing a vehicle to be <br />or remain in said parking space <br />when said meter shall display a <br />flag, sign or signal which shall <br />indicate that the permitted time <br />for the parking of said vehicle as <br />permitted by this ordinance has <br />expired, shall be guilty of a mis- <br />demeanor. <br />Section XIII. Any person, firm <br />or corporation violating any of the <br />Provisions of this ordinance shall <br />be guilty of a misdemeanor and <br />shall be punshied by a fine not <br />to exceed $25.00 or by imprison- <br />ment in the city jail of the City <br />of Newport Beach for not to exceed <br />five days, or by such fine and <br />imprisonment. <br />Section XIV. The above and <br />foregoing ordinance shall take ef- <br />fect and be in force thirty days <br />from and after its final passage, <br />and in the meantime shall be print- <br />ed and published once in the New- <br />port Balboa News - Times, a semi- <br />weekly newspaper of general cir- <br />culation printed, published and cir- <br />culated in the City of Newport <br />Beach. <br />I hereby certify that the above <br />and foregoing Ordinance was pass- <br />ed at an adjourned regular meet- <br />ing of the City Council of the City <br />of Newport Beach held on the 20th <br />day of August, 1945, and on said <br />day was signed and approved by <br />the Mayor of said city, and that <br />said Ordinance was passed with <br />the following roll -call vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, Councilmen: Allen, Stan- <br />ley, Isbell, Reed, Hall. <br />NOES, Con.-.cilmen: None. <br />ABSENT, Councilmen: None. <br />The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />ance is epproved by me this 20th <br />day of August, 1945. <br />CLYAN H. HALL, <br />Mayor, City of Newport Beach. <br />ATTEST: <br />FRANK L. RINEHART, <br />City Clerk, City of <br />Newport Beach. <br />Pub. —Aug. 23, 1945. <br />�J <br />