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ORDINANCE NO. 540 <br />The City of Ncwport Beach, 1:71 <br />and through its City Con'. r1, does <br />6rdain as follows: <br />SECTION 1. It is her2by de- <br />cicred unlawful.for any person, <br />firm or corporation, to park or <br />pen. -it to be left standing upon <br />r -y street or hi;hvy, -v in the City <br />of Iiewport Beach, any vehicle, as <br />twat term is de.`ined by the Vehicle <br />Cede of the State of California, for <br />n.ore than One Hundred Twenty <br />(1201 consecutive lours. <br />SECTION 2. In the event that <br />any vehicle shall be Parked or left <br />' <br />sanding upon any street in tl:e <br />City of Nev.,port Beach more than <br />120 consecutive hours, any officer <br />of said city may remove such ve- <br />hicle from said street or <br />and s`:a:l store the same in either <br />the city garage or in any public <br />garage. <br />SECTION 3. Upon removal of <br />any vehicle to the city garage or <br />to any pcioilc g ^.ra;;e, such officer <br />making such removal shall give <br />the notices provided for in SscLion <br />585 :.f the Vah'.cle Coce of the <br />State of California, <br />SECTION 4. The keeper, own- <br />er. or propr`etor of any garage in <br />wlr c.1 cry s. ch vehicle mentioned <br />in this ordinance is stored, under <br />the p- mc'ons heraoF, shall 112-7e a <br />P -n thereon fcr hfs cvnl :2"sation <br />for rowogs and for caring, fcr and <br />hee li: ; e- `o such vehicle, and may <br />s:a.tisfy such lien upon corsplim:ce <br />iv ..h and under the conditions <br />stated in Section 585 of the Ve- <br />hicle Code of the State of Calm <br />fornia. <br />SECTION 5. Any person, firm <br />or corporation violating any of the <br />provisions of this Ordinance shall <br />be deemed guilty of a misdemean- <br />or, and upon conviction thereof <br />shall be punished by a fine of not <br />exceeding $50.000, or serve 10 days <br />in the City Jail o^ Newport Beach, <br />or County Jail of the County of <br />Orange, or by both such fine and <br />imprisonment <br />SECTION 6. This Ordinance <br />s':all be published once in 7]Tr.W- <br />PORT BALBOA NECVS- TEKES, a <br />newspaper of general circ-ilr.ticn <br />printed, pubEshed and circulated <br />in the City of Newport reach ar.d <br />ohall take effect and be in force <br />thirty days after its passage. <br />The above and foregoing Ordin- <br />ance ivas paecod by the City Cotm- <br />cli of the City of I;ewport Beach <br />at a regular meeting thereof held <br />on the 3rd Cay of DeCember, 1945, <br />by the follocticg vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, Councilmen: Allen, Ste- <br />Icy, Isbell, Reed, Hall, <br />NOES, Courcilmen: None. <br />AEc,F:NT, Council :anen: None. <br />TSB a. ..e and foregoing O °din- <br />arco !F ; irzed and approved by me. <br />t! Is 3rd day cLf December. 1015. <br />• <br />CLYAN H. PALL,, <br />/•'��� <br />Mayor.. <br />Attest: <br />? <br />FI :AI :K L. Ri:NE.,ART <br />- D _ <br />City Clerk. <br />-_�- <br />Lub. —Dec- 6, 19456. <br />_ = <br />/' <br />