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„ <br />RESOLUTION OF IU`PF TIOIJ 110. n <br />A RESOLUTIOii OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br />CITY OF NEViORT BEACH, CALIFCR2JIA, 7L- <br />CLa -MING ITS 1HTEOTIOP? TO ORDER THE Is:r'ROVL- <br />ME21T Ol+ BAY AVaPIUE AUD CMMAII, OTHER STREETS, <br />I)ECLART? f= Tli >70Pi; TO BE OF ",ORE TIJAN <br />LOCAL OR 0?D`iJTUlY jrUBLIC BENi:FIT AHD DES - <br />CRIBIIvG THE DISTRICT TO BE Bl?10i'IiTLD BY <br />SAID FOR t A40 TO i AY THE COSTS :+ill) E .:'FNSES <br />TH JtLOY; 4111 DETERU114ING THAT BONDS SHALL <br />BE ISSU .) TO REYRE SEBT U2:PAn ASSESS ITENTS <br />FOY' TH,s COSTS AND Z {PEASES, 100 F191RG A <br />TIME 7 PLAC” FOrL Ii.EI!RING OBJECTIONS TO <br />THE SAID U ?ORK. <br />*****V* <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach, Calif- <br />ornia, pursuant to the provisions of the "Improvement Act of 1911" <br />and amendments to the said act, does resolve as follows: <br />DESCRIPTION OF WORK <br />S MION 1. That the public interest and convenience require, and <br />that it is the intention of the City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach, California, to order the following work to be done, <br />to-wit: <br />1. That the following described streets be improved by the <br />installation of certain cement concrete Uarbelite (Design ,;o. 5- 134 -8) <br />ornamental lighting costs equipped ijith Neolite '81 -4 lighting <br />unit, together pith wires, cables, conduit, lamps, and other suitable <br />and necessary appliances for the purpose of lighting said streets, <br />and also the removal of certain existing cement concrete light <br />posts: <br />(a) Upon BAY AVENUE bet7een a line three feet southeasterly of <br />and parallel with the southeasterly line of Adams Street and the <br />• easterly line of 9th Street. <br />(b) Upon BUZNA VISTA BOULEVARD from the northerly line of <br />Bay Avenue to its intersection with Edgewater Avenue. <br />(c) Upon LITMO AVENUE. from the northerly line of Bay Avenue, <br />to the southerly line of 'dgenater Avenue. <br />-1- <br />