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;.TSOLUTIOII O>1 I1JfEIFTIOTT 110. 6 &3 <br />A RESOLUTIOU OF M3 CITY COUIICIL U THE CITY <br />OF I107110I.T BEACH, C.iLIFORNIA, DECLARIIIG ITS <br />I11T'IITIOII TO ORDER THE 11TROVL.i UT OF LAF,IYF;TTE <br />AVENUE .YD CLRTAII ^: OTHM, STR.N!-;TS, ALLEYS, !ePTD <br />EASEMENT, DECLARING TAR. .ORIC TO BE OF TIORE THd£1 <br />LOOAL OR ORDIVARY PUBLIC BEREFIT jJTD D. SCRIBIFG <br />THE DISTRICT TO BE BENEF ITTFD BY SAID ' +'ORK AND <br />TO PAY TNT,, COSTS .11D EXi'EUSE5 THi; Wrl ; LND DE- <br />TER1111111M THAT BOUDS SHALL BE ISSUED TO REPRE- <br />SENT UIL AID ASSESSLSLNTS FCR THE COSTS idTD E-- <br />FEITSES, A11D F'IXING A TIME AKID PLACE FOR IMARING <br />OBJ;.CTIOFIS TO 1111E S!ID WORK. <br />K *0*** <br />The City Council of the City of Hewport Beach, California, <br />pursu_.nt to the provisions of the "Improvement Act of 1911" and <br />amendents to the said act, does resolve as follows: <br />DESCRIPTION OF '. "ORIC <br />SECTION 1.That the public interest and convenience require, fnd <br />that it is the intention of the City Council of the City of Hew- <br />port ,Beach, Califbrnia, to order the following work to be done, to -wit: <br />LAF'AYEi^'iY AVENUE <br />between the.southerly line of 32nd Street ..nd the Northerly line of <br />28th Street Ibe improved by certain gs'adin-, by the construction of <br />QCGOm�o3� oS�pn��¢'%aE B' <br />certain Bitumimous Macadam Dearing surface on n� eycept <br />.:here cement concrete pavement -already e ists, by ins tallUtion of <br />certain cast iron pipe triter mains, galvanized iron pipe. water main, <br />fittings and appia_tcnances, and vitrified clay ripe sanit ry sewer <br />house connections; That <br />20TH STREW <br />northerly of a line 15 feet northerly of and parallel with the center <br />line of said 28th Street and Letveen a line 15 feet resterly of end <br />parallel with the center line of Lafayette Avenue and :i. line 15 feet <br />• easterly of and parallel wi'ch the center line of Lafayette Avenue be <br />improved by certain gr.din.- -nd by the construction of certain Bit - <br />A! o01 d�.ori�4p6msa; <br />umimous Uacadam �:earin; surface on <br />3211D STREET <br />betreen the northerly prolongations of the easterly end westerly lines <br />of Lafayette Avenue bo iiuproveO by certain grading by the construction <br />- 1 - <br />