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Ak <br />1W <br />e <br />E <br />RESOLUTION VO. 691. <br />WHEREAS, there has been presented to the City Council <br />of the City of Newport Beach a certain Deed dated the let day <br />of June, 1931, Letween the City of Newport Beach, a municipal <br />corporation, as Grantor, and the State of Cr.lifornia as <br />Grantee; and <br />t7iIMEAS, the City of Newport Beach, in said Deed men- <br />tioned, grunts to the State of California for RiTh7ay purposes <br />all that certain real property situited in the County of Orange, <br />State of California, and more particularly described as follows, <br />to-vit : <br />Commencing at the point of intersection of the north - <br />westerly line of the parcel of land as described in said deed <br />recorded in said Deed Book 403, Page 137, rith the northeasterly <br />right of Bray line of the California State Highway as conveyed by <br />deed recorded in Book 338, Ya•;e 312, of Official Records, records <br />of add Orange County; thence from said point of beginning R. <br />17032' E., along said northwesterly line, a distance of 133.05 feet <br />to its intersection v4th a curve concave to the southeast, having a <br />radius of 450 feet, a line radial to this curve at this point bears <br />S. 5205'19" E; thence northeasterly along said curve having a radius <br />of '450 feet, through an angle of 13036'221; a distance of 106.86 <br />feet to its intersection with a northeasterly line of said parcel of <br />land as described in said Deed Book 403, page 137, which point of <br />intersection bears S. 72028' E., along s,,id northeasterly line, <br />48.77 feet from the most northwesterly corner of said parcel; thence <br />8. 72028' E., along said northeasterly line, a distance of 101.79 <br />feet to its intersection with a curve concentric to the first men- <br />tioned curve, having a radius of 370 feet, a line radial to this <br />last mentioned curve at this point bears A. 29 °3£'13" ri thence <br />southwesterly along said curve havin'; a radius of 370 feet, through <br />an angle of 37039'37 ", u distance of 243.20 feet to its intersection <br />with the said northeasterly right of way line of the State Highway, <br />which right of vray line is a curve hav &ng a radius of 1450 feet and <br />a line radial to said curve in said right of pay line at this point <br />bears N. 6011'56" E; thence northwesterly, al on- said curve in-: <br />said right of way line, having a radius of 1450 feet, through an <br />angle of 2008'43 ", a distance of 54.29 feet to the point of beginning. <br />• The above described parcel of land is a. portion of Lot <br />172 of Block 1 of Irvine Subdivision as shown on Uap recorded in <br />Book 1, pwge 88 of aiscellaneous record Maps, records of said <br />Orange County. <br />And WHY -REAS, said Deed has been duly submitted to the City <br />Attorney of the City of Newpat Beach, and said City Attorney <br />has reported that the same is correct as to form. <br />-1- <br />