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RESOLUTION NO. 86 -65 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH APPROVING, AND AUTHORIZING <br />• THE MAYOR TO SIGN, THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE <br />HEALTH SERVICES AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE COUNTY <br />OF ORANGE AND CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />,0 <br />WHEREAS, the City of Newport Beach has, by agreement <br />dated December 17, 1974, designated the Orange County Health <br />Officer as the Health Officer of the City pursuant to the <br />provisions of Sections 476 of the Health & Safety Code; and <br />WHEREAS, the Health Officer of the County of Orange has <br />functioned in that capacity since the date of the agreement; and <br />WHEREAS, the parties now desire to make certain changes <br />to the original Health Services Agreement and those changes are <br />specified in the First Amendment to the Health Services Agreement <br />attached to this Resolution as Exhibit "A." <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of <br />the City of Newport Beach hereby approves the First Amendment to <br />the Health Services Agreement between the County of Orange and <br />the City of Newport Beach as shown on Exhibit "A" and authorizes <br />the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the Agreement. <br />ADOPTED this 14th day c <br />ATTEST: <br />O <br />O . <br />C ty Clerk <br />-1- <br />