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RESOLUTION NO. 93- 79 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH DIRECTING THE FIRE CHIEF TO <br />TARE APPROPRIATE ACTION TO SUPPRESS AND <br />CONTROL HAZARDOUS FIRE AREAS. <br />• WHEREAS, in recent weeks the firestorms in the Southern <br />California region have destroyed more than 1000 homes, 200,000 <br />acres of wildlands, and resulted in three deaths as well as <br />numerous injuries; <br />WHEREAS, many of these homes were destroyed, and some of these <br />injuries occurred, because of the proximity of structures to highly <br />flammable brush and vegetation; <br />WHEREAS, in many cases, homes far removed from actual contact <br />with highly flammable vegetation were ignited by large embers from <br />burning brush or structures adjacent to flammable vegetation; <br />WHEREAS, these fires and the resulting destruction confirms <br />that appropriate brush clearance zones between structures and <br />wildland areas are absolutely necessary to protect property from <br />damage and persons from injury or death; <br />WHEREAS, the City Council of Newport Beach has, for many <br />years, developed and implemented fuel load reduction and <br />modification programs for potentially hazardous publicly owned <br />lands in the City of Newport Beach to protect nearby residents from <br />property damage or personal injuries; <br />WHEREAS, certain areas of the City such as Buck Gully and <br />• Morning Canyon, present a continuing fire danger because of the <br />density of natural growth, the difficulty in steepness of terrain, <br />the proximity to structures, the accessibility to the public, and <br />restrictions on access by fire suppression equipment; <br />01 <br />