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I 1 <br />L_J <br />G -1 <br />IMPROVEMENT IN GOVERNMENTAL EFFICIENCY AND ECONOMY <br />In order that the City Council and the public may be apprised of <br />economies and improvements in governmental operations and, as a <br />means of further stimulating such economies and improvements, the <br />City Manager will regularly communicate to the Council reports rela- <br />tive to City operations, including,but not limited to,the following <br />types of matters: <br />1. Simplification of procedures which lead to greater <br />public convenience. <br />2. Economies in providing services or carrying out govern- <br />mental functions. <br />3. Conservation of manpower. <br />4. Increased unit production. <br />5. Improvement in community relations procedures. <br />6. Improvement in caliber of municipal employees through <br />recruiting, selection and training. <br />7. Utilization of more efficient and productive equipment. <br />8. Conservation of energy. <br />Adopted - October 28, 1968 <br />Reaffirmed - November 12, 1968 <br />Amended - March 9, 1970 /,;:.;.' <br />Amended - December 10, 1973