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A-2 <br />BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, & COMMITTEES <br />Service on City Boards, Commissions, and Committees is one of the principal means by <br />which residents participate in the conduct of City government. The City is fortunate to <br />have highly skilled, educated and experienced residents that are willing to selflessly <br />donate their time and resources to positively contribute towards the betterment of our <br />City. This Policy prescribes the rules, guidelines, and ideals that govern our City's <br />Boards, Commissions, and Committees. <br />Board, Commission, & Committee Formation Process <br />A. Boards and Commissions shall be established by City Charter or ordinance of the <br />City Council. Committees shall be established by a resolution of the City Council <br />in accordance with this policy. <br />B. Boards, Commissions and Committees shall be designated either 1) Permanent; 2) <br />Standing; or 3) Ad Hoc. Boards, Commissions and Committees having a definite <br />termination date may be extended by City Council action. <br />C. With the assistance of the City Attorney, all Boards, Commissions and Committees <br />shall determine the applicability of, and comply with, the Ralph M. Brown Act. <br />D. All Boards, Commission and Committee meetings open to the public shall include <br />an opportunity for public comments and questions. <br />E. Boards and Commissions may be reviewed on or before December 31 of each year <br />consistent with the Maddy Act (Cal. Gov. Code § 54972). Committees may be <br />reviewed in October of each year for any needed additions, changes or deletions <br />by the City Manager and the City Council. Within this review, the City Council <br />shall consider whether the work done by Committees is duplicative of other <br />Committees' work, and shall consider merging or disbanding committees as <br />appropriate. This provision shall not however prevent such changes at other times <br />of the year. <br />Types of Boards, Commissions, & Committees <br />Boards and Commissions (Permanent) <br />These shall consist of citizens with a staff liaison pursuant to the enabling City Charter <br />section, ordinance or resolution. Appointments are made pursuant to this Policy. <br />11 <br />