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TO: CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: Public Works Department <br />October 10, 1988 <br />yyCITY COUNCIL AGENDA <br />"T B`ACITEM NO. F -22 <br />OCT 10 1988 <br />:."-'a 0VE1) <br />SUBJECT: PURCHASE OF PARCEL OF LAND FOR ALLEY EAST OF FERN STREET AND <br />ADJACENT TO PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Authorize City Manager to negotiate purchase of parcel and accept <br />grant deed on behalf of City. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />As a condition of development the 15- foot -wide strip shown on the <br />attached exhibit was required to be deeded to the City and improved as an alley. <br />The improvement was completed and Subbiondo & Associates, Inc. deeded the strip <br />to the City. The deed was dated January 12, 1977. However, in 1984 the County <br />Tax Collector claimed that the deed was invalid because the title was vested in <br />Mr. Subbiondo and his wife. Meanwhile the Subbiondo's stopped paying taxes <br />because they thought the property belonged to the City. Efforts to locate the <br />Subbiondo's and have a new deed executed were unsuccessful and so in 1985 the <br />County Tax Collector sold the property for the back taxes. <br />Johannes Boelhouwer purchased the property in 1985 from the County for <br />the minimum bid of $6,250. Since purchasing the strip, Mr. Boelhouwer who also <br />owns adjacent commercial property, has been attempting to obtain City permission <br />to use the strip to satisfy required parking. However, the dimensions of the <br />strip are such that the City's parking requirements can not be satisfied. <br />The Pacific Coast Highway widening project requires 2 feet of the <br />strip for the construction of a sound wall and a 15 -foot by 15 -foot strip for a <br />corner cut -off. Negotiations with Boelhouwer for the acquisition of the <br />necessary easements have resulted in Boelhouwer offering to sell the entire <br />strip to the City for $10,000. This amount is roughly equivalent to <br />Boelhouwer's cost of $6,250 plus interest, taxes and maintenance. <br />If the strip is acquired, portions would be used for the sound wall and <br />corner cut -off and the remaining 13 feet would be used for the alley which has <br />already been improved to City Standards. The guy wire that presently blocks the <br />alley would be removed. <br />ds are available for the acquisition in Account No. 193331003. <br />C / _✓ w-1 <br />Benjamin B. Nolan <br />Public Works Director <br />DS :so <br />Attachment <br />