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;127/63 <br />ROAD EAS?._4ENT <br />FOR A VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt of which is hereby <br />ac1:nQ-W1- ,dged, THE IRVINE CCKPANY, a west Virginia corporation,,here- <br />by grants to the CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH, a municipal corporation, an <br />easement for street and highway purposes over that certain real prop- <br />erty situated in the City of Newport Beach, County of Orange, State <br />of California, described as follows: <br />Parcel 1 <br />A strip of land 60 feet in width in Block 51 <br />of Irvine's Subdivision as per trap recorded in <br />Book 1, page 88 of Miscellaneous Record Maps in <br />the office of the County. Recorder of said county, <br />lying 30 feet on each side of the following de- <br />scribed centerline: <br />Beginning at a point in the centerline of <br />Back Bay Drive (formarly Palisades Road) 40 feet <br />wide, as described in a deed recorded in Book <br />1037, page 269 of Official Records, said point <br />being the most northeasterly terminus of that <br />certain course described as a curve concave north- <br />erly having a radius of 240 feet, a radial line to <br />said point bears North 13° 35' 54" West, said point <br />being the beginning of a reverse curve concave <br />southwesterly having a 'radius of 450 feet; thence <br />southeasterly 544.75 feat along said curve through <br />an angle of 69° 21' 37" to a point hereinafter <br />referred to as Point "A" in the northwesterly line <br />of Tact No. 5018 as per map recorded in book 186, <br />pages 26 to 30 inclusive of Miscellaneous Maps, <br />said northwesterly line being a curve concave <br />southeasterly having a radius of 800 feet. <br />Parcel 2 <br />A strip of land 42 feet in width in Blocks 51 <br />and 57 of Irvine's Subdivision as per map recorded <br />=� Book 1, page 88 of - ,:iscellaneous Record Maps in <br />the office of the County Recorder of said county, <br />lying northwesterly of and contiguous to the following <br />described line: <br />-1- <br />