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n BBT <br />N.C. zzll <br />THIN INIENTURE, made this 25th day of Hay, 1922, between PACIFIC MWTRIC. LANG <br />1 <br />! COMPANY, a California corporation, hereinafter called the Company, party of the first fart, <br />t <br />and the CITY OF BP.ryORT BEACH, a municipal corporation of the State of Callfornla, hereinafter <br />called the City, party of the aecond part. <br />wISNESSF.THU That the Company hereby grants tc V e City a perpetual easement, under <br />certain conditions " hereinafter out forth, over and upon those certain parcels of land <br />i situate in the City of Newport Beach, County of Oran e, Slate of Callfornla, and described as <br />follows, to -wit; <br />Block@ Nine A (9.1) to Fignteer. A (lE -a) Inclusive of Sec -..Ion wBw of Newport Beach, <br />es per map recorded in Book 4, .Page 27, ':Iaeellanecus UPS, Records of said Orxree County, also <br />Blocks A- Nineteen (A -191 and A- Twenty (1.20) of First A:Idltlot to Newport Beach we per uep <br />1 recorded In Book 3. page 9, miscellaneous Naps, Records of Orange County, also all right, title <br />and interest of said Pacific Llectrle Land Company, ea successor In Interest to the Newport <br />i Beach Company,'a California corporation, In and to %net certain street known as Ocean Avenue u <br />shown on said map of Section OBE Newport Beach, recorded as aforesaid. <br />Said places or parcels of land being more particularly shown bythe red and yellow <br />colored portions of plat CE1 741 hereto attached and made a Part hereof. <br />This grant is hereby made upon the express condition subsequent %bat the premises <br />hereby granted shall be Used for street, park or public pleasure purposes only, and shall act <br />be %Wed, at any time, for oaaping or for business purposes, and that no structure or building <br />@ball be @rooted thereon except u hereinafter spaclfled. <br />This oonditlon subsequent shall inure to the benefit of any and all owners of lots <br />fronting on said Cowen avenue, shown . In Blocks 9 to 13 inclualve, and 14 to 16 Inclusive, on the <br />map of Section wBs Newport Beach! u recorded In Book 4 page 27, Mlecolla oua Baps, <br />Beoords of Orange County, California, either of Whoa shall, at all times, have the right by <br />approprlatw motion to enforce saga In his own name. <br />THIN GRANT to hereby weds upon the further expoes condition subsequent that mithor <br />the Company of the City, their successors and we@1p�ns, may construct and maintain upon said <br />Pr@dses, groins, bulkheads or breakwaters, for the purpose of protecting said promleee from <br />4aatge or erosion, but 00thing In this Igdenturs shall be construed u requiring either the <br />fNgavy or the City, their @ummesacro or assigns, to Install said groins, bulkheads or <br />broskaatore. <br />AND ?Ht GRAFT hereby made 10 upon the further condition subsequent that the Qnww <br />ressrwee the right for itself, .Its ouooeseore and weigns, to construct and nalntain wbartea, <br />bath bonus and other etruoturls upon that portion of sold Blocks 13 -a, 14 -a, 15-1, and I" <br />IYME between the southerly prolongation of the oweterly line of 14th Street and southerly <br />Prolongation of the Wes t@rly line of 16th Street, and also over that portion of said Oaesa ! <br />beau lying between the southerly prolongation of eweurly line of 14th Street and the <br />southerly prolongation of the woterly line of 16th St :eat, and lying southerly of a line <br />pareLlel to woo. fifty (50) foot southerly from northerly boundary of said ocean Avenue., Sid <br />resorted rights being more particularly shown by portion outlined In orange on said plat CQ <br />741 bastes attached and made a part hereof. <br />?BIB lOTRUNLST 10 oubj"t to all Valid existing contracts, loaves, lions or LB. <br />0006100M bleb sy attest the property and the word •grant• Y Used herein, shall not bs <br />tl pLdat tam GxLNtmo of My thereof. <br />