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r STATE OF CALIFORNIA— RESOURCES AGENCY RONALD REAGAN, Governor <br />DEPARTMENT OF WATER RESOURCES <br />P. O. BOX 388 <br />SACRAMENTO <br />95802 <br />June 1, 1967 <br />f <br />Mr. Benjamin Nolan <br />Assistant Public Works Director <br />City of Newport Beach, Newport Beach <br />California <br />Subject: Big Canyon Dam and Reservoir, <br />No. 1058 <br />Dear Mr. Nolan: <br />Enclosed is the Certificate of Approval for <br />Big Canyon Dam, issued pursuant to the provisions of the <br />law governing State supervision of dams. <br />An important part of assuring the continued <br />safety of any dam is regular observation. Surveillance <br />data being taken at the dam should be reported periodically <br />to this office for review and comment. Please submit for <br />approval details of your systematic program for monitoring <br />future performance of the reservoir including: <br />1. Locations of survey points. <br />2. A schedule and description of methods <br />for resurveying vertical and horizontal <br />control monuments. <br />3. A schedule for observing and measuring <br />the flow from underdrains. <br />4. A schedule for routine periodic _:spections <br />of the reservoir lining and the dam <br />embankment. <br />5. A schedule and format for reporting the <br />above surveillance data to the Division <br />of Safety of Dams. <br />