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Crlr OF MIPM MUM. a Natlefpal Mptsatlon is the Osmtp <br />of Orange, 'shat* of OalifaraL ta MNIIKa \Sec of M MWJAS most .tits <br />walmalle consideration to it in hid ' pail. ""lot of whigh to birelp <br />I <br />sebowledBed. does barely gnat to = sun Or OAL1110 L, the real <br />property situate in the City of Newport Beach. County of Orange. State of <br />California, described Y follows, to wits <br />Beginning at the point of Intersection of the Southerly <br />prolongation of the Baotorly lino of Fourteenth Street with <br />the South line of Oesr evemw (65 feet in width).. as "IS <br />Street ens AT are shown on the Map of Section 93e ef <br />Newport Beach, recorded In Book 4, page 27 of Mlesallaaeor <br />Naps, records of Orange County. California= ranalag thence <br />southerly along the Southerly prolongation of the'BUterly <br />lino of said Fourteenth Street a distance of 250 feet= tbence <br />Westerly along a. line parallol with. and 250 feet distsa$ <br />Southerly from, the South line of said ocean Aware a distance <br />of 980 feet, more or lose, to the point of interssotion with <br />the Southerly prolongation of the Westerly line of Sixteenth <br />Street in said City; then** Northerly along the Southerly <br />prolongation of the Westerly line of said Sixteenth Street to <br />the point of Intersection with the South line of said Ocom <br />Avenue; and theme* Nasterly along said 11" a dietamoe of <br />980 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning. <br />Subject to: <br />1. Taxes for fiscal year 19491950. not yet pyable, <br />2. The conditions an not forth in a deed dated Ny 25th. <br />1922 from the Paulflo Blootrlo Lana Company. a. corporation. <br />to the City of Newport Beach, a mslolpal corporation. <br />recorded Jens 13th. 1922 in Book 427, page 54 of Deeds• records <br />of said Orange Coantyi. ant <br />Como hereby quitclaim to the State of California all of the right, <br />title and interest of said City of Newport Beach, a aonioipal erporation. <br />in rd to all load lying seaward of the beroizaboee particularly daaerlbsd <br />real property. <br />Said City nabs no warrant with respect to right, title or Interest <br />of the scatted .States of Aaerlca, <br />j <br />This deed to rte pursuant to Boeclntioa No, 3720 of the City of <br />Newport Beach, <br />IN WI'f'Sa W10111" the 011W of Newport smash by its 0osadl. W <br />considered thew presents to be executed an its behalf by Its Byer d <br />its City Clerk thie.10206W of October, 194. <br />DITTO Os <br />tea° NN <br />CIS <br />