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r� <br />4 <br />Mr. John A. Blaich <br />2601 Bayshore Drive <br />Newport Beach, California <br />Dear Mr. Blaich: <br />- August 10, 1966 <br />The City Council at their meeting of August 8th, considered <br />your proposal to buy the 124.02 square foot piece of proper- <br />ty located behind your parcel at 1315 East Balboa Boulevard. <br />I am pleased to report that the Council acted with favor on <br />your request and authorized the staff to prepare an agree- <br />ment of sale. <br />We will be in contact with you in the near future when the <br />necessary paper work has been drawn up to transfer ownership <br />of this property to your name. <br />JPD /mjc <br />cc: City Attorney Tully Seymour <br />Sincerely, <br />JAMES P. DE CHAINE <br />Administrative Assistant to the <br />City Manager <br />