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w • <br />To- <br />From, <br />Subject - <br />UUN -AL: <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH �" zfeZl <br />CITY ATTORNEY <br />DEPARTMENT <br />The Honorable Mayor and <br />City Council <br />City Attorney <br />M- <br />April 10, 1961 <br />Resolution directing eminent domain on the property at <br />the northwest corner of Newport and 30th Street <br />Transmitted herewith is a resolution which, if adopted, will author- <br />ize and direct eminent domain on the real property at the northwest <br />corner of Newport Boulevard and 30th Street. It will also rescind <br />Resolution No. 5385 adopted on March 20 declaring eminent domain <br />to be necessary on this property. <br />This new resolution is requested because, upon a review of the <br />property description in Resolution No. 5385, the title company has <br />suggested some corrections. This proposed resolution contains a <br />description acceptable to the title company and to the Public Works <br />Department. <br />Since we have obtained a deed from the owner of the property at the <br />southeast corner of Newport Boulevard and 30th Street, it has been <br />eliminated from the resolution. <br />WWC -mec <br />Enc. <br />cc m City Manager <br />Public Works Director <br />City Clerk <br />4at r W � ara a <br />City Attorney <br />I� <br />