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r <br />July 1, 1950 <br />Mr. E. Van Dusen, manager <br />SoLther . Pacific Company <br />Pacific Electric Railway Company <br />610 South Plain Street <br />Los Angeles 14, California <br />Dear Mr. Van Dusen <br />Herewith are executed copies of assignments of <br />lassos of Vance and Associatee Roofing, Inc., Carl Woodmsnsee, <br />Ebster and Xleiser Coapany, Cotton Toff, Inc., South Coast <br />Construction Company, and partial sa'eignment of lease of <br />The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Com;;4ny. <br />Execution of these was authorized by Resolution <br />No. 5255, copy enclosed. of the City Council June 20, 1960. <br />The assigumsnts u a dated June 22, 1910, the date of closing <br />of escrow. <br />Sisjcerely, <br />ROURT SHELTON <br />RS :M City Manager <br />CC: City Attorney <br />City Clerk <br />E3nce. (7) <br />