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April 13, 1967 <br />Mr. J. Wylie Carlyle <br />County Recorder <br />P. 0. Box 238 <br />Santa Ana, California <br />Dear Mr. Carlyle: <br />Attached for recordation are Grant of Easement for sidewalk, <br />pedestrian travel, and public utility purposes from Southwestern <br />Capital Corporation and City of Newport Beach Public Works Depart- <br />ment Drawing No. R/W- 5110 -L dated 3 -10 -67 entitled "10.33' Walkway <br />6 Public Utility Easement Adjacent to Bulkhead Line Btween Palm <br />Avenue E Washington St." Acceptance of said Easement was authorized <br />by the Council of the City of Newport Beach at its meeting on <br />April 10, 1967 by the adoption of Resolution No. 6546. <br />Very truly yours, <br />Laura Lagios <br />City Clerk <br />City of Newport Beach <br />ih <br />Encls: <br />