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City Council Policy on Candidate Forums that Use City Resources <br />September 27, 2016 <br />Page 2 <br />cycle. The City has done so to help facilitate open and unbiased communication about <br />Newport Beach General Municipal Elections with its residents, visitors and business <br />owners. <br />In recent years, staff has observed an increase in the number of Newport Beach City <br />Council candidate forums held at City facilities and the number of requests the City <br />receives to film and broadcast candidate forums on NBTV. To help us better allocate <br />City resources in an equitable and unbiased manner, staff drafted a Council Policy <br />related to Candidate Forums that use City resources for the City Council's <br />consideration. <br />As proposed in the draft Council Policy, the City would continue to allow local <br />organizations to hold candidate forums in City facilities and would continue to broadcast <br />candidate forums on NBTV. The proposed policy: <br />Clarifies how City resources can and cannot be used for candidate forums, <br />Defines eligible forums and eligible groups, where the forum is in a City facility, <br />Proposes allowing eligible groups to rent City -owned facilities at no cost for <br />candidate forums, <br />Establishes an application and City Council selection process for the no cost City <br />facility room rentals for eligible candidate forums and for broadcasting candidate <br />forums on NBTV. <br />In enacting this Policy, the City is in no way attempting to limit or regulate forums held in <br />locations other than at City facilities. Groups and individuals are always welcome to host <br />forums in any location without restriction or guidance from the City. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW: <br />Staff recommends the City Council find this action is not subject to the California <br />Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to Sections 15060(c)(2) (the activity will not <br />result in a direct or reasonably foreseeable indirect physical change in the environment) <br />and 15060(c)(3) (the activity is not a project as defined in Section 15378) of the CEQA <br />Guidelines, California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Chapter 3, because it has no <br />potential for resulting in physical change to the environment, directly or indirectly. <br />NOTICING: <br />The agenda item has been noticed according to the Brown Act (72 hours in advance of <br />the meeting at which the City Council considers the item). <br />ATTACHMENTS: <br />uv�T7� � uT'Taiiumm- e�[1 we i hmemiSmifif► <br />3-2 <br />