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Public — <br />Bayfront <br />Access <br />Port <br />0- 40- 80- 120- 1607r0- <br />�Irlj�p�lla" 1 <br />f <br />Ea st COaSt NigbVg0 <br />Plan at Level below Bridge <br />S' <br />EXHIBIT 12 <br />CONCEPTUAL SITE <br />PLAN <br />DESIGN GUIDELINES <br />Back Bay Landing is an integrated, mixed-use <br />waterfront village with visitor- serving retail and <br />marine service commercial facilities, as well as <br />a limited amount of attached residential uses. <br />It is designed to evoke a seaside village <br />and has a strong focus on the pedestrian <br />experience. <br />CONCEPTUAL SITE PLAN BACK BAY LANDING <br />oz.oz.zarF NEWPORT BEACH, CA <br />NTS <br />