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A time schedule and method by which existing mobile homes, <br />cabanas, ramadas, and other substantial improvements and <br />tenants are to be relocated or appropriately compensated; <br />Methods of mitigating the housing impacts on tenants having low <br />and moderate incomes, elderly tenants, and tenants who are <br />handicapped; and <br />iii. The programs or other means that are to be implemented properly <br />address the housing impacts on those described in subsection <br />(B)(3)(a)(ii) of this section are mitigated. <br />For purposes of this finding, "low and moderate incomes" shall be defined <br />in compliance with the provisions of the City's Housing Element. <br />21.28.030 — Parking Management (PM) Overlay District <br />A. Parking Management District Plan Required. Before approving an Coastal Zoning Map <br />amendment reclassifying land to a PM Overlay District, the Commission and Council shall <br />approve a parking management district plan. <br />B. Establishment of Parking Management Program(s). The parking management district <br />plan shall identify existing and planned parking facilities and establish parking <br />management programs necessary to adequately serve the parking needs of the area and <br />mer address the following issues: <br />1. The provision of adequate, convenient parking for residents, guests, business <br />patrons, and visitors of the Coastal Zone; <br />2. Optimizing the use of existing parking spaces; <br />3. Providing for existing and future land uses; <br />4. Reducing traffic congestion; <br />5. Limiting adverse parking impacts on user groups; <br />6. Providing improved parking information and signage; <br />7. Generating reasonable revenues to cover City costs; <br />8. Accommodating public transit and alternative modes of transportation. <br />C. Exemptions. The parking management district plan shall also include a formula or <br />procedure establishing the extent to which commercial, residential, and mixed-use <br />properties shall be exempted from the requirements of Chapter 21.40 (Off -Street Parking). <br />1). Parking Management Over -lay DistriGtS Established. The parkiRg maRagen%Rt <br />diStFiGtS identified in this seGtien and depiGted in the referenGed rnaps exhibits adopted 4'R <br />Dor+ 8 of this knpleMeRtatiGR Dlor, <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.28-3 <br />11-164 <br />