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f. Voluntary Employee PaFlking. The Gity will develop and OMPIeRleRt a VOILIRta-ry <br />Balboa Village Ernpleyee <br />Permit D,regrarm that will in ire red uned foes r-aarnrad <br />E. Local Coastal Program Amendment Required. The implementation of any future <br />parking management district plans as a PM Overlay District shall require an amendment <br />to the Local Coastal Program approved by the Coastal Commission. <br />21.28.040 — Bluff (B) Overlay District <br />A. Applicability. This section applies to lots located in the Bluff (B) Overlay District as <br />indicated on the Coastal Zoning Map. All development shall comply with the applicable <br />development standards (e.g., setbacks, height) of the underlying coastal zoning district in <br />addition to the standards provided in this section. In situations where an inconsistency <br />occurs between the development standards of the underlying coastal zoning district and <br />the standards in this section the most restrictive standard shall prevail. <br />B. Uses Allowed. Land uses allowed in the Bluff (B) Overlay District are all those uses <br />allowed in the underlying coastal zoning district. <br />C. Development Area Defined. For the purpose of this section the development area of a lot <br />is an area delineated for the purpose of regulating the placement and location of <br />structures. Each lot within the B Overlay District shall be divided into two or more <br />development areas. Development areas are delineated on the Development Area Maps <br />attached to the ordinance codified in this Implementation Plan and are consistent with the <br />development areas listed in subsection (D) of this section, unless modified pursuant to <br />subsection (0) of this section. The setbacks provided in Tables 21.18-2 and 21.18-3 in <br />Section 21.18.030 (Residential Coastal Zoning Districts General Development Standards) <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.28-6 <br />11-167 <br />