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ATTACHMENT B <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA - THE RESOURCES AGENCY EDMUND G. BROWN, JR., GOVERNOR <br />CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION <br />South Coast Area Office <br />200 Oceangate, Suite 1000 <br />Long Beach, CA 90802-4302 <br />(562)590-5071 <br />October 20, 2016 <br />City of Newport Beach <br />Kimberly Brandt, Community Development Director <br />100 Civic Center Drive <br />Newport Beach, CA 92660 <br />Re: City of Newport Beach Local Coastal Program Implementation Plan LCP-5-NPB- 15-0039-1 <br />Dear Ms. Brandt: <br />You are hereby notified that the California Coastal Commission, at its September 8, 2016 meeting in <br />Newport Beach, approved the City of Newport Beach Local Coastal Program (LCP) Implementation <br />Plan (IP) with suggested modifications. LCP-5-NPB-15-0039-1 is the Implementation Plan portion of <br />the LCP which includes development standards, zoning maps and community plans to carry out the <br />policies of the certified Land Use Plan, together both documents would complete the City's Local <br />Coastal Program for the area governed by the plan. <br />The Commission approved the Implementation Plan with suggested modifications. Thus, the <br />Implementation Plan will become final once: 1) the City of Newport Beach City Council adopts the <br />Commission's suggested modifications, 2) the City of Newport Beach City Council forwards the <br />adopted suggested modifications to the Commission by Resolution, and, 3) the Executive Director <br />certifies that the City has complied with the Commission's September 8, 2016 action. The Coastal Act <br />requires that the City's adoption of the suggested modifications be completed within six (6) months of <br />the Commission's action. <br />Pursuant to the Commission's action on September 8, 2016, certification of LCP-5-NPB-15-0039-1 is <br />subject to the attached Suggested Modifications (Attachment "A"). <br />Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to working with you and your staff in the future. <br />Please contact Liliana Roman or myself at (562) 590-5071 if you have any questions regarding the <br />modifications required for effective certification of City of Newport Beach Implementation Plan. <br />Sincerely, <br />Karl Schwing <br />Coastal Program Manager <br />Attachment: Attachment "A" Suggested Modifications <br />cc: Brenda Wisneski, Deputy Community Development Director (via email) <br />Patrick Alford, Planning Program Manager (via email) <br />11-17 <br />