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30 Degree Angle Parking 45 Degree Angle Parking <br />60 Degree Angle Parking gp Degree Parking <br />B. Alley Access. Development on lots or parcels with alley access shall be designed such <br />that access to on-site parking spaces is accessed by the abutting alley. <br />Exceptions. The reviewing authority may grant an exception on lots: <br />a. Where the width of the abutting alley is not sufficient to provide <br />maneuvering space for access; or <br />Where the provision of access by abutting streets would not result in the <br />loss of existing on -street parking spaces or prevent the creation of new <br />on -street parking spaces by the closure of existing curb cuts. <br />C. Driveways. Project and subdivision designs shall minimize the number of curb cuts for <br />driveways. Existing curb cuts shall be closed to create public on -street parking wherever <br />feasible. <br />D. Parking Configuration/Management. Parking configurations and/or parking <br />management programs that are difficult to maintain and enforce shall not be permitted. <br />21.40.100 — Off -Site Parking <br />A. Applicability. This section shall apply to any nonresidential development where 4wGIvi4e <br />a papk;^^ fai;44., ^r• ten., all or a portion of required parking is not located on the same site it <br />is intended to serve. <br />B. Standards for Off-site Parking Facilities. An off-site parking facility shall comply with <br />the followina standards: <br />1. The parking facility shall be located within a 500 foot ^^^%distance unless <br />alternative transportation provided to the use it is intended to serve; <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.40-13 <br />11-317 <br />