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manaaement facilities or measures where feasible. <br />B. Transportation Demand Management Program. Applicants for projects covered by <br />this section shall prepare a transportation demand management program applicable to the <br />proposed project that will: <br />Reduce the number of peak -period vehicle trips generated in association with the <br />proposed project; <br />2. Promote and encourage the use of alternative transportation modes (e.g., <br />ridesharing, carpools, vanpools, public transit, bicycles and walking); -ate <br />3. Provide incentives for the use of alternative transportation modes and public <br />transit ridership (e.g. subsidies for transit use, shuttles to transit stations); and <br />4. Provide those facilities that support alternate transportation modes. <br />9C. Site Development Requirements. Projects subject to the requirements of this chapter <br />shall be subject to the following site development requirements. Required improvements <br />shall be reviewed and approved by the review authority concurrent with other project <br />approvals. <br />Carpool Parking. A parking space shall be reserved and designated for each <br />identified carpool vehicle. Carpool spaces shall only be used by carpool vehicles <br />and shall be located near the employee entrance or at other preferential locations, <br />as approved by the City Traffic Engineer. <br />2. Bicycle Racks/Lockers. Bicycle lockers or bicycle racks, as determined by the <br />review authority, shall be provided for use by employees or tenants. Lockers may <br />be located in a required parking space. <br />3. Lockers and Showers. Showers and lockers shall be required by the review <br />authority based on the total number of anticipated employees. <br />4. Information on Transportation Alternatives. A commuter information area shall <br />be provided in one or more central areas that are accessible to all employees or <br />tenants. Information shall include, but not be limited to, current maps, routes and <br />schedules for public transit; ridesharing match lists; available commuter incentives <br />and ridesharing promotional material supplied by commuter -oriented <br />organizations. <br />5. Rideshare Vehicle Loading Area. A rideshare vehicle loading area shall be <br />designated at a location approved by the City Traffic Engineer based on the total <br />number of anticipated employees. <br />6. Vanpool Accessibility. Vanpool spaces shall be reserved and designated for <br />each identified vanpool in compliance with the approved plan. The spaces shall be <br />located near the employee entrance or other preferential location as approved by <br />the City Traffic Engineer. <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.44-2 <br />11-323 <br />