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unless in association with an approved coastal development permit for a project <br />which incorporates within its design a provision for equal or superior coastal <br />access for the public. <br />C. Procedure. Vacations and abandonments shall be processed by filing an application for <br />vacation or abandonment pursuant to Streets and Highways Code Sections 8300 <br />8363 and by filing an application for a coastal development permit pursuant to Chapter <br />21.50 and Chapter 21.52. <br />D. Water -front Property. Pursuant to Section 1402 of the City Charter, no public <br />water -front or beach property shall be sold or conveyed other than to the State or to the <br />County for use as a public beach or park. <br />21.44.055 — Temporary Street Closures <br />A. General. Temporary closing of portions of any street for celebrations, parades, local <br />special events, and other purposes when necessary for public safety shall be permitted <br />pursuant to Section 21101 of the Vehicle Code. <br />B. West Newport. Temporarily close certain streets in West Newport for a period of no <br />more than twenty-four (24) hours during the Independence Day holiday shall be permitted <br />when, in the opinion of the Police Chief or his designee, the closure is necessary to protect <br />the public safety. In no event shall any street closure prevent or interfere with the public's <br />access to the beach or bay. <br />C. Coastal Development Permit. The need for a coastal development permit shall be <br />determined in accordance with Chapter 21.52. <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.44-4 <br />11-325 <br />