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M" WILL! <br />Still Protecting Our � <br />November 25, 2016 <br />City Council <br />City of Newport Beach <br />100 Civic Center Drive <br />Newport Beach, CA 92660 <br />RE: MUSEUM HOUSE RESIDENTIAL PROJECT (PA2015-152) <br />Dear Mayor Dixon and Members of the City Council: <br />SPON and LITS (Line in the Sand PAC) partnered to circulate a petition to Newport Beach voters. To date <br />nearly 1,625 signatures have been gathered supporting the request for a NO Vote by the City Council for <br />the proposed Museum House Condo Tower project, for the reasons noted below: <br />• The proposed 25 -story, 295 feet high, 100 -unit residential condominium tower is <br />completely incompatible with surrounding development <br />• It requires a major amendment to the General Plan to add development WITHOUT a public <br />vote. <br />• The Museum House Condo Tower takes away one of the few cultural facilities we have been <br />able to maintain for the City and which are part of the City's General Plan. <br />• Granting approvals of these amendments sets a precedent for changing, rather than <br />respecting the City's governing land use plans set in place by the voter -approved 2006 <br />General Plan. <br />The voter -approved 2006 General Plan laid out a rational blueprint for the development of Newport <br />Center. All of the development allowed under the 2006 General Plan has been built. This project <br />inappropriately uses spot zoning and makes an end run around a zoning process that puts limits on size <br />and bulk. <br />The Museum House Tower project requires planning commissioners and council members, who are tasked <br />to enforce our voter -approved General Plan, to authorize a major General Plan Amendment for this <br />project to proceed. <br />Our city has reached the tipping point with regard to massive developments such as this project. Your vote <br />determines whether Newport Beach looks like Laguna Beach or like Los Angeles. <br />