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City of Newport Beach <br />Study Session and Regular Meeting <br />February 14, 2017 <br />Negotiating Parties: (1) MNG Newport Beach, LLC <br />(2) New Port Beach Mixed Development, LLP <br />(3) Lido Associates II, LLC <br />(4) Bishop of Protestant Episcopal Church in Los Angeles <br />Under Negotiation: Price and Terms of Payment <br />D. PUBLIC EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION <br />(Government Code § 54957 (b)(1)) <br />Title: Dave Kiff, City Manager <br />Aaron C. Harp, City Attorney <br />Leilani Brown, City Clerk <br />V. RECESSED - 5:27 p.m. <br />VI. RECONVENED AT 7:00 P.M. FOR REGULAR MEETING <br />VII. ROLL CALL <br />Present: Council Member Herdman, Council Member Avery, Council Member Dixon, Council Member <br />Peotter, Council Member O'Neill, Mayor Pro Tem Duffield, Mayor Muldoon <br />VIII. CLOSED SESSION REPORT <br />City Attorney Harp reported that there were no reportable actions taken. <br />IX. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Council Member O'Neill <br />X. INVOCATION - Council Member Peotter <br />XI. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC <br />XII. CITY COUNCIL ANNOUNCEMENTS (NON -DISCUSSION ITEM) <br />Council Member O'Neill wished his wife, daughter, and the City Council a Happy Valentine's Day. He <br />announced the opening of Heroes Hall and presented the Challenge Coin to Mayor Muldoon. He stated <br />he attended the CERT awards banquet, Police Department Promotional Ceremony, and the Holiday Inn <br />Express Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. He noted that he and Council Member Dixon participated on an <br />interview panel at Newport Harbor High School. <br />Council Member Peotter requested a study session relative to wireless telecommunications and the right- <br />of-way ordinance. <br />Council Member Dixon announced the Second Annual Women in Newport Networking (WiNN) Forum on <br />March 16, 2017, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. She congratulated Mayor Muldoon on the Speak Up Newport <br />Mayor's Dinner. She requested a future agenda item on election and campaign reform. <br />Council Member Herdman stated he attended the League of California Cities (LCC) training on <br />governance, CERT awards dinner, Police Department Promotional Ceremony, and the Mayor's Dinner. <br />He discussed the working group on modifications to Bayside Drive. <br />Mayor Pro Tem Duffield commended Mayor Muldoon on the Mayor's Dinnei <br />Volume 63 - Page 189 <br />