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Zoning Administrator Resolution No. ZA2017-027 <br /> Page 2 of 5 <br /> SECTION 3. REQUIRED FINDINGS. <br /> In accordance with Section 21.52.015 (Coastal Development Permits) of the Newport Beach <br /> Municipal Code, the following findings and facts in support of such findings are set forth: <br /> Finding: <br /> A. Conforms to all applicable sections of the certified Local Coastal Program. <br /> Facts in Support of Finding: <br /> 1. The subject property is currently developed with a single-family home on an existing lot <br /> designated for residential development. The applicant requests to remodel the existing flat <br /> roof to create a pitched roof, which increases the overall height of the structure by 4 feet 6 <br /> inches. The applicant also proposes to add 80 square feet to the existing second floor <br /> master bedroom. There is no change proposed to the existing footprint. <br /> 2. The property is located in an area known for the potential of seismic activity and <br /> liquefaction. All projects are required to comply with the California Building Code and <br /> Building Division standards and policies. <br /> 3. The property is not located near designated public view points or coastal view roads and <br /> will not impact public coastal views. <br /> 4. The proposed roof height and addition conforms to the standards of the Zoning Code and <br /> Local Coastal Program. <br /> 5. The design, bulk, and scale of the development is consistent with the existing <br /> neighborhood pattern of development and expected future development. The proposed <br /> addition is consistent with all applicable development standards. <br /> Finding: <br /> B. Conforms with the public access and public recreation policies of Chapter 3 of the <br /> Coastal Act if the project is located between the nearest public road and the sea or <br /> shoreline of any body of water located within the coastal zone. <br /> Fact in Support of Finding: <br /> 1. The project site is located between the nearest public road and the sea or shoreline and <br /> the proposed project will not affect public recreation, access or views. <br /> 2. Adequate public access to the sea exists on Marcus Avenue, 35th Street, 36th Street, and <br /> Lake Avenue. The proposed bedroom addition and roof remodel shall not interfere with <br /> existing public access to the sea. <br /> 01-03-17 <br />