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Zoning Administrator Resolution No. ZA2017-047 <br />Paqe 2 of 12 <br />2. The Class 15 exemption allows the division of property in urbanized areas zoned for <br />residential, commercial, or industrial use into four or fewer parcels when the division is <br />in conformance with the General Plan and zoning, no variances or exceptions are <br />required, all services and access to the proposed parcels are available, the parcel was <br />not involved in a division of a larger parcel within the previous two years, and the parcel <br />does not have an average slope greater than 20 percent. The Tentative Parcel Map is <br />for to create two lots and is consistent with all of the requirements of the Class 15 <br />exemption. The proposed parcels are consistent with the land use and zoning <br />designations. The deviation to lot width requires findings to be made to ensure <br />development is consistent with the surrounding pattern of development and that the <br />project will not be detrimental to the neighborhood. The requested lot width is consistent <br />with the width of the majority of lots on Balboa Island and development intensity and <br />density will be the same as approved by the original Balboa Island subdivision on this <br />block. Therefore, the proposed parcel map is consistent with the intent and is eligible for <br />the Class 15 exemption. <br />SECTION 3. REQUIRED FINDINGS. <br />The Zoning Administrator determined in this case that the Tentative Parcel Map is consistent <br />with the legislative intent of Title 21 (Local Coastal Program Implementation Plan) of the <br />Newport Beach Municipal Code and approves the Coastal Development Permit based on the <br />following findings per Section 21.52.015 F. of Title 21: <br />Finding: <br />A. That the proposed map conforms to all applicable sections of the certified Local Coastal <br />Program. <br />Facts in Support of Finding: <br />1. The Tentative Parcel Map meets all of the requirements of the Local Coastal <br />Program, including the provisions contained within Section 21.30.025 Coastal <br />Subdivisions. <br />2. The subject property is within a developed neighborhood and is located more than <br />100 feet from the shoreline. The subject property is not located near or adjacent to <br />any natural landforms including coastal bluffs, and is not within the proximity of any <br />environmentally sensitive areas. <br />3. The project site is not located between the nearest public road and the sea or <br />shoreline and approval of the parcel map will not affect public recreation access or <br />views. The Balboa Island boardwalk, which provides public access, is located <br />approximately 100 feet to the south of the property. <br />