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Memorandum <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />100 Civic Center Drive <br />Newport Beach, California 92660 <br />949 644-3200 <br /> <br />To: Honorable Mayor Muldoon and Members of the City Council <br />From: Kimberly Brandt, Community Development Director <br />Date: July 10, 2017 <br />Re: City Council Agenda Item No. 10 (LCP Amendments) — Height Limit <br />Exceptions <br />Of the several amendments proposed to the City's certified Local Coastal Program <br />(LCP), one is directed to the Shoreline Height regulations. <br />Since 2010, the Zoning Code has included provisions that allow its maximum <br />height limits to be exceeded through the adoption of a planned community (PC). A <br />similar provision was included in the draft LCP submitted to the California Coastal <br />Commission (Coastal Commission). However, the Coastal Commission modified <br />the LCP to set an absolute 35 -foot height limit in the Shoreline Height Limitation <br />Zone (see attached map), with exceptions for the Marina Park lighthouse feature <br />and the Lido House Hotel. One of the proposed LCP amendments (See <br />Amendment No. 3 of Table in the Staff Report) would restore this provision by <br />allowing the incorporation of planned community height limits into the LCP through <br />an LCP amendment approved by the City and certified by the Coastal Commission. <br />The Planning Commission received comments from Mr. James Mosher and Still <br />Protecting Our Newport (SPON) expressing concerns regarding the portion of the <br />LCP amendment would allow a planning community to exceed the Shoreline <br />Height Limit of 35 feet. However, the Planning Commission recommendation is to <br />adopt the LCP amendments as proposed. Should the City Council choose to <br />modify or remove the provision relating to planned community height limits, staff <br />recommends continuing Item No. 10 to the July 25, 2017 City Council meeting to <br />allow time to revise the amendments accordingly. <br />Another area of concern is related to the proposed height limit exception regarding <br />governmental facilities. Zoning Code Section 20.10.040 currently allows the City <br />Council to exempt specific City -implemented projects from Zoning Code <br />