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1. Recitals <br />The Recitals set forth above are true and correct and are hereby incorporated <br />into this Agreement. <br />2. Property <br />Grantor is the fee owner of that property commonly known as 2600 Mesa Drive, <br />Newport Beach California, described as: <br />THAT PORTION OF LOT 152 IN BLOCK 51 OF IRVINE'S <br />SUBDIVISION, AS SHOWN ON A MAP RECORDED IN <br />BOOK 1, PAGE 88 OF MISCELLANEOUS MAPS, <br />RECORDS OF ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, <br />DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: <br />PARCEL NO. 1 AS SHOWN ON A MAP FILED IN BOOK <br />21, PAGE 8 OF PARCEL MAPS IN THE OFFICE OF THE <br />COUNTY RECORDER OF SAID ORANGE COUNTY. <br />EXCEPTING THREEFORM THAT PORTION THEREOF <br />DESCRIBED IN DEED TO THE IRVINE COMPANY, <br />RECORDED DECEMBER 3, 1970 IN BOOK 9477, PAGE <br />333 OF OFFICIAL RECORDS OF SAID ORANGE <br />COUNTY. <br />3. Riaht of Entry and Temporary Construction Easement <br />Grantor hereby grants to Grantee, and Grantee accepts, a non-exclusive <br />temporary right of entry on, over, under, across, and along the Temporary Easement <br />Area for the purpose of constructing, grading, landscaping, installing, repairing, <br />replacing, and related activities for the Project and to allow the accommodation and <br />storage of equipment, materials and workers necessary therefore. <br />4. Right of Entry and Temporary Construction Easement Conditions <br />Grantor and Grantee agree to Grantee's right of entry to the Temporary <br />Easement Area with the following conditions: <br />a. City shall landscape the Temporary Easement Area in substantial <br />conformance with City approved landscape plan for the Project. City shall <br />reinstall fences, gates and other appurtenances removed during construction. <br />Right of Entry and Temporary Construction Easement - 2600 Mesa Drive Page 2 <br />