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Olt <br />IF� �P <br />August 9, 2017 <br />The Honorable Kevin de Leon <br />President pro Tempore of the California State Senate <br />California State Capitol <br />Sacramento, California 95814 <br />RE: SB 54 (Opposition) <br />Dear Senator de Leon: <br />I <br />Z # 99 "C�C� L <br />M Y� d <br />4 <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />S)'2 c,��l <br />100 Civic Center Drive <br />Newport Beach, California 92660 <br />949 644-3001 1 949 644-3020 FAX <br /> <br />The City of Newport Beach respectfully states its opposition to your Senate Bill (SB) 54, which (among <br />other things) would limit California law enforcement from using agency or department moneys, facilities, <br />property, equipment, or personnel to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for <br />immigration enforcement purposes. <br />We agree that public safety is the primary concern of local law enforcement, not immigration. Legally, <br />California's law enforcement agencies lack the authority and jurisdiction to enforce federal immigration <br />law. However, there are instances when providing public safety entails partnering with federal law <br />enforcement agencies, including those who primarily do immigration enforcement. <br />We strongly believe that undocumented immigrants who commit violent and serious offenses should be <br />subject to the immigration laws of this country. By doing so, we prevent dangerous individuals from <br />creating more victims. As such, our police department may engage with federal law enforcement <br />agencies — including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations <br />(HSI) — for the purpose of eliminating drugs, violence, and crime from our streets. <br />We worry that SB 54 may create roadblocks and ambiguity when it comes to our participation in certain <br />crime suppression activities that may include US ICE. An equal, if not greater concern, is the unintended <br />consequence SB 54 will have by preventing ICE from conducting immigration enforcement operations in <br />our jail or the Orange County Jail. Currently, jails in California may allow ICE access to specified inmates, <br />but the state agency overseeing the jail must provide those inmates with a notification of their rights. <br />Under SB 54, ICE will no longer be allowed access to our jail for immigration enforcement purposes. As a <br />result, ICE may be forced to carry out more field operations in the community. Even during targeted <br />immigration operations, this may result in more collateral detentions — where undocumented individuals at <br />the scene of an arrest and were not the initial targets are detained by ICE. <br />We have no intention, or desire, to become the primary enforcers of federal immigration law. Even under <br />ongoing federal changes, we will do our best to keep doing what we do best — partnering with Newport <br />Beach businesses, community members and visitors to ensure everyone is protected from crime. <br />