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B-17 <br />PARKS. FACILITIES. AND RECREATION PROGRAM DONATIONS <br />Purpose <br />The City Council recognizes the need to promote community involvement and active <br />participation in quality of life components throughout the community, and the need to <br />establish a fair, equitable, and uniform procedure for which gifts may be donated to the <br />City. This policy establishes criteria for donations to assure area compatibility, <br />attractiveness, usefulness, and the capability to be maintained. Each donation considered <br />for inclusion in the City park public improvement and street system will be subject to <br />established limitations and guidelines for the particular area. <br />Policy <br />A. Acceptance of donations of cash or tangible items <br />1. Based on the value of the donation, appropriate City staff will review the <br />acceptability of any donation and determine if the benefits to be derived <br />warrant acceptance of the donation. <br />2. Criteria for evaluation includes consideration of any immediate or initial <br />expenditure required in order to accept the donation, the potential and <br />extent of the City's obligation to maintain the donation, and the community <br />benefit to be derived from the donation. <br />3. The cost of a tangible donation shall include a 10% maintenance fee paid <br />for in full by the donor. This maintenance fee is in addition to any other <br />fees or charges. <br />B. kpes of Donations <br />Donations may be received in the form of cash, real, or personal property. <br />Restricted donations are those donations that the donor specifies for a particular <br />City location or purpose. Unrestricted donations are those donations that are <br />given to the City for unspecified use. <br />1. Cash Gifts <br />a. Donation of cash or items valued at or below the amount set in City <br />Council Policy F-3 may be accepted by the City Manager. However, <br />any donation considered a park facility improvement that would <br />result in an installation of a permanent fixture in the parks must be <br />in compliance with subsection 4 of this policy, Park, Public <br />Improvement, and Street Amenities. <br />1 <br />