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B-17 <br />b. Donations above the amount set in City Council Policy F-3 for the <br />City Manager may be accepted by the Parks, Beaches and Recreation <br />Commission. <br />C. Gifts of funds may be designated for restricted or unrestricted use. <br />Gifts of cash or items that have a restriction must first be approved <br />by the City Council. <br />d. Gifts of funds accepted by the City imply no other obligation besides <br />using donated funds for the specified purpose. <br />2. Trees <br />Tree donations add beauty to City parks and facilities. Trees may be <br />donated and installed at parks and parkway locations recommended by the <br />Municipal Operations Director and approved by the Parks, Beaches and <br />Recreation Commission. The minimum size of tree donations must be 36" <br />boxed containers unless waived by the Commission. Tree donations are <br />limited to specific species listed on the Parkway Tree Designation List <br />and/or matching the landscape in park locations. <br />3. Benches <br />Bench donations may be donated and installed in different areas of <br />placement including parks, streets, along the beachfront, within villages, <br />commercial districts, neighborhoods, on a specific island, etc. The Parks, <br />Beaches, and Recreation Commission, with the assistance of Municipal <br />Operations staff, shall designate the type, style, design, and placement of <br />City -owned benches on City property. <br />a. An inventory of designated benches and available bench locations <br />will be maintained in the City Donation Catalog. <br />b. Donation requests must be submitted to the Municipal Operations <br />Department and meet the following requirements: <br />Bench donations along a city street, beachfront or other public <br />right of way will require the approval of the Municipal <br />Operations Director. <br />ii. Bench donations within a commercial district will require <br />notification of, and an endorsement from, the local business <br />association, if applicable. <br />2 <br />