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City of Newport Beach <br />Study Session and Regular Meeting <br />October 10, 2017 <br />City Attorney Harp reported that there were no reportable actions taken; however, Closed Session Item <br />IV.0 will be continued to the end of the meeting. <br />IX. INVOCATION - Moment of Silence for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting and those <br />affected by the Canyon Fires. Mayor Muldoon also provided the Invocation. <br />X. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - Council Member O'Neill <br />X1. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC <br />XIL CITY COUNCIL ANNOUNCEMENTS (NON -DISCUSSION ITEM) <br />Council Member O'Neill: <br />• Attended the Newport -Mesa Unified School District's State of the Schools Address, the Corona del <br />Mar Sandcastle Contest, a lecture at the Central Library for Walter Stahr's new book, the Crystal <br />Cove Soiree, and the Mayor's Youth Council meeting <br />• Announced the Art in the Park Festival will be held on October 14, 2017 <br />Council Member Dixon: <br />• Attended the Sister City Pumpkin Carving Event and the Corona del Mar Sandcastle Contest <br />• Discussed the flooding on the Balboa Peninsula at A Street and B Street <br />• Announced that a Finance Committee meeting will be held on October 12, 2017 <br />Council Member Herdman: <br />• Announced he watched the last City Council meeting relative to JWA issues and agreed with Mayor <br />Muldoon's suggested future meeting items <br />• Attended an AirFair meeting <br />Mayor Pro Tem Duffield: <br />• Attended the Harbor Cleanup Event and discussed the possibility of collecting the first rains <br />Mayor Muldoon: <br />• Announced he was one of the judges for the Corona del Mar Sandcastle Contest <br />XIII. MATTERS WHICH COUNCIL MEMBERS HAVE ASKED TO BE PLACED ON A FUTURE <br />AGENDA <br />• Seeking the assistance of a federal advocate to work with the City on FAA and related <br />aviation matters, including communication with major air carriers (Muldoon) <br />The City Council unanimously concurred to place the matter on a future agenda. Mayor Muldoon <br />requested that Council be provided with federal advocate options when the matter is brought back. <br />• Supporting additional review and verification of data accuracy from the County of <br />Orange's seven noise monitoring stations on the JWA departure corridors (Muldoon) <br />The City Council unanimously concurred to place the matter on a future agenda. <br />XIV. PUBLIC COMMENTS ON CONSENT CALENDAR <br />Jim Mosher requested the minutes be amended as he suggested in his correspondence (Item 1). <br />Regarding Item 10 (Landscape Services for Parks and Facilities), he expressed confusion about the <br />amounts in the contract, believed the item should have gone before the Parks, Beaches and Recreation <br />Commission, and questioned the budget for the project. <br />Volume 63 - Page 375 <br />