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Zoning Administrator Resolution No. ZA2017-097 <br />Page 2 of 7 <br /> <br />08-15-2017 <br /> <br />2. Class 3 exempts the demolition of up to three single-family residences and additions of <br />up to 10,000 square feet to existing structures. The proposed project consists of the <br />demolition of one single-family residence and the construction of a new 2,205-square- <br />foot single-family development including a detached two-car garage. <br /> <br />SECTION 3. REQUIRED FINDINGS. <br /> <br />In accordance with Section 21.52.015 (Coastal Development Permits, Findings and Decision) <br />of the Newport Beach Municipal Code, the following findings and facts in support of such <br />findings are set forth: <br /> <br />Finding: <br /> <br />A. Conforms to all applicable sections of the certified Local Coastal Program. <br /> <br />Facts in Support of Finding: <br /> <br />1. The proposed development complies with applicable residential development standards <br />including, but not limited to, floor area limitation, setbacks, height, and parking. <br /> <br />a. The maximum floor area limitation is 4,760 square feet and the proposed floor area <br />is 2,205 square feet. <br /> <br />b. The proposed development provides the minimum required setbacks, which are 10 <br />feet along the oceanfront, 3 feet along each side property line and 0 feet along the <br />rear property line abutting the alley. <br /> <br />c. The highest guardrail is less than 24 feet from established grade and the highest <br />ridge is no more than 29 feet from established grade, which comply with the <br />maximum height requirements. <br /> <br />d. The project includes garage parking for a total of two vehicles, complying with the <br />minimum two-car garage parking requirement for single-family residences with less <br />than 4,000 square feet of habitable floor area. <br /> <br />2. The neighborhood is predominantly developed with two - and three-story, single-family <br />residences. The proposed design, bulk, and scale of the development is consistent with <br />the existing neighborhood pattern of development and expected future development. <br /> <br />3. The development fronts an approximately 420-foot-wide public beach known as East <br />Ocean Front. The finished floor elevation of the proposed dwelling is + 17 feet (NAVD <br />88), which complies with the minimum 9.00 feet (NAVD88) elevation standard. <br /> <br />4. A Coastal Hazard and Sea Level Rise Analysis was prepared by GeoSoils, Inc., dated <br />May 15, 2017 for the project. The report concludes that the proposed project is