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Zoning Administrator Resolution No. ZA2017-097 <br />Page 3 of 7 <br /> <br />08-15-2017 <br />reasonably safe from the shoreline erosion due to lack of wave or wakes that can erode <br />sand from the beach. The report concludes it is very unlikely that any type of wave will <br />reach the site even considering a 4.75-foot sea level rise and that the proposed project <br />is reasonably safe from the shoreline erosion due to lack of wave or wakes that can <br />erode sand from the beach. Overall, the analysis concludes that the proposed project <br />will be safe from flooding hazards for the next 75 years. Furthermore, the report <br />concluded that due to the distance of the property from the current mean high tide line <br />(approximately 400 feet) that it is unlikely that the mean high tide line will reach the <br />property within the next 75 years. <br /> <br />5. Pursuant to NBMC Section 21.30.030(C)(3)(i)(iv), the property owner will be required to <br />enter into an agreement with the City waiving any potential right to protection to address <br />situations in the future in which the development is threatened with damage or destruction <br />by coastal hazards (e.g., waves, erosion, and sea level rise). The property owner will also <br />be required to acknowledge any hazards present at the site and unconditionally waive any <br />claim to damage or liability against the decision authority, consistent with NBMC Section <br />21.30.015(D)(3)(c). Both requirements are included as conditions of approval that will need <br />to be satisfied prior to the issuance of building permits for construction. <br /> <br />6. The property is located in an area known for the potential of seismic activity and <br />liquefaction. All projects are required to comply with the California Building Code (CBC) <br />and Building Division standards and policies. Geotechnical investigations specifically <br />addressing liquefaction are required to be reviewed and approved prior to the issuance of <br />building permits. Permit issuance is also contingent on the inclusion of design mitigation <br />identified in the investigations. Construction plans are reviewed for compliance with <br />approved investigations and CBC prior to building permit issuance. <br /> <br />7. The applicant provided a Construction Pollution Prevention Plan (CPPP) pursuant to <br />Section 21.35.030 (Construction Pollution Prevention Plan) of the Municipal Code to <br />implement temporary Best Management Practices (BMP’s) during construction to <br />minimize erosion and sedimentation and to minimize pollution of runoff and coastal <br />waters derived from construction chemicals and materials. A CPPP has been reviewed <br />and approved by the City’s Engineer Geologist. Construction plans and activities will be <br />required to adhere to the approved CPPP. <br /> <br />8. The applicant provided a Water Quality and Hydrology Plan (WQHP) pursuant to <br />Municipal Code Section 21.35.050 (Water Quality and Hydrology Plan). The WQHP has <br />been reviewed and approved by the City’s Engineer Geologist. The WQHP in cludes a <br />polluted runoff and hydrologic site characterization, a sizing standard for BMPs, use of <br />an LID approach to retain the design storm runoff volume on site, and documentation of <br />the expected effectiveness of the proposed BMPs. Construction plans will be reviewed <br />for compliance with the approved WQHP prior to building permit issuance . <br /> <br />9. Proposed landscaping complies with Implementation Plan Section 21.30.075. A <br />condition of approval is included that requires drought tolerant and prohibits invasive <br />species. Prior to issuance of building permits, the final landscape plans will be reviewed <br />to verify invasive species are not planted