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NEWPORT BEACH ZONING ADMINISTRATOR MINUTES <br />NEWPORT BEACH ZONING ADMINISTRATOR MINUTES <br />100 Civic Center Drive, Newport Beach <br />Corona del Mar Conference Room (Bay E -1st Floor) <br />Thursday, December 14, 2017 <br />REGULAR HEARING <br />3:30 p.m. <br />CALL TO ORDER — The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. <br />Staff Present: Patrick J. Alford, Zoning Administrator <br />Rosalinh Ung, Associate Ung <br />Benjamin Zdeba, Associate Planner <br />Liz Westmoreland, Assistant Planner <br />Melinda Whelan, Assistant Planner <br />II. REQUEST FOR CONTINUANCES <br />None. <br />III. MINUTES of November 30, 2017 <br />Action: Approved <br />12/14/2017 <br />IV. PUBLIC HEARING ITEMS <br />ITEM NO. 1 2772 Bay Shore Drive Coastal Development Permit No. CD2017-005 (PA2017-019) <br />Site Location: 2772 Bay Shore Drive Council District 3 <br />Liz Westmoreland, Assistant Planner, provided a brief project description stating that the application is for a <br />coastal development permit to demolish an existing single family residence and construct a new single-family <br />residence with a garage and indoor pool. The project conforms to applicable development requirements such <br />as setbacks, height, etc. The project includes repair and reinforcement of the existing bulkhead including <br />replacement of tieback and deadmen. A Coastal Hazard and Sea Level Rise Analysis was conducted and <br />concluded that the project is reasonably safe from coastal hazards. The finished floor elevation of the <br />proposed dwelling is 12.8 (NAVD88), which complies with the standard. The project would not impede public <br />access or views and staff recommended approval of CD2017-005 based on the finding and conditions <br />contained within the resolution. <br />Applicant Ian Harrison Architect, on behalf of the owner, stated that he had reviewed the draft resolution and <br />agrees with all of the required conditions. <br />The Zoning Administrator opened the public hearing. One member of the public, Jim Mosher, spoke and <br />asked staff to clarify the point of grade measurement - i.e., mean sea level or NAVD 88 - and methodology to <br />assess the impacts of sea level rise. <br />There were no other public comments. The Zoning Administrator closed the public hearing. <br />Staff responded that NAVD 88 is used for grade measurement and provided clarification regarding sea level <br />rise assumptions and methodology. Ms. Westmoreland stated that although lowest current projection for sea <br />level rise was utilized, the bulkhead will be able to accommodate additional height in the future without further <br />bayward encroachment should additional protection be required. <br />Action: Approved <br />Page 1 of 5 <br />