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City Manager's Office <br />City of Newport Beach <br />100 Civic Center Drive <br />P.O. Box 1768 <br />Newport Beach, CA 92658-8915 <br />i—Recorded in Offi'ci)l Records, Orange County <br />Hugh Nguyen; Gferk-Recorder <br />III IUIIII IIN�IIIIIIIIIII I III II III I II I I III 66.00 <br />*$ R 0 0 0 6 5 9 9 8 9 7$ <br />201400.0121003 8:04 am 04101/14 <br />93 413 ,04- 412 F14 17 <br />0.00 0.06:0.00, 0.00 48.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 <br />THIS SPACE FOR RECORDER'S USE ONLY <br />�l <br />LESSOR'S CONSENT AND AGREEMENT <br />Loan No: 130-5080 - <br />Recitals <br />Borrower, referred to in this Agreement as "Lessee" and as more <br />particularly described in Exhibit A, has applied for a loan from John L. Curci, <br />Trustee of the John L. Curci Trust dated December 22, 1993 ("Lender") to be <br />secured by leased property, as such property is more particularly described in <br />Exhibit A ("Property"). Lessee currently holds or will acquire upon consummation <br />of the pending transaction, a leasehold interest under the lease described in <br />Exhibit A ("Lease") in which the undersigned (City of Newport) is the "Lessor". <br />Agreement <br />1. The information on Exhibit A is incorporated herein by reference. <br />2. The property is subject to the Lease described in Exhibit A. The <br />lease documents described in Exhibit A constitute the entire agreement of <br />Lessee and Lessor regarding the Property. The lease is in full force and effect <br />and unmodified. All rents and other charges due have been paid, there are no <br />other defaults and the Lease is in good standing. Lessor has no knowledge of <br />any facts which now or after the passage of time or the giving notice, or both, <br />would constitute a default under the Lease. The payments required under the <br />Lease are set forth in Exhibit A. Payments and notices to Lessor are deliverable <br />as set forth in Exhibit A. Lessor has no claims outstanding against Lessee in <br />connection with the Property. <br />3. Lessor consents to the granting of a security interest in Lessee's <br />interest in the lease to Lender. Lessor agrees to send concurrently to Lender <br />copies of any notices sent to Lessee pertaining to Lessee's default or Lessor's <br />intent to terminate the Lease or any part thereof by certified U.S. mail. No <br />