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2. Upon the death of the Trustor, the successor Trustee shall comply with all <br />provisions of the Lease, including those conditions precedent and fee requirements of <br />Section 4 of said Lease. <br />3. Trustor agrees to provide a copy of the complete Trust containing these <br />provisions to the City to ensure that any transfer of the leasehold will not circumvent <br />that provision of the Lease calling for increased rent upon transfer. <br />4. All notices and other communications required or permitted under this <br />Consent to Assignment shall be in writing, served personally on, or mailed by certified <br />or registered United States mail to the party to be charged with receipt thereof. Notices <br />and other communications served by mail shall be deposited in a United States post <br />office, as certified or registered mail with postage prepaid and duly addressed to the <br />party to whom such notice or communication is to be given as follows: <br />Notice to Trustee: Attention: Trustee <br />Martin J. Burke Living Trust <br />57 Beacon Bay <br />Newport Beach, CA 92660 <br />Notice to City: Attention: City Manager <br />City of Newport Beach <br />P.O. Box 1768 <br />Newport Beach, CA 92658 <br />Any such party may change said party's address for purposes of this Section 4 by <br />giving to the party intended to be bound thereby, in the manner provided herein, written <br />notice of such change. <br />5. This Consent to Assignment shall become effective upon recording. <br />[SIGNATURES ON FOLLOWING PAGE] <br />E <br />