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Loan No: 0023651623 <br />3. Lessor consents to the granting of a security interest in Lessee's <br />interest in the lease to Lender. Lessor agrees to send concurrently to Lender <br />copies of any notices sent to Lessee pertaining to Lessee's default or Lessor's <br />intent to terminate the Lease or any pari thereof by certified U.S. mail. No <br />modification or termination of the Lease agreed upon by Lessee shall be effective <br />without the express written consent of Lender. Notice will be provided to Lender <br />'by certified mail at the following address: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc., <br />P.O. Box 10304, Des Moines, lA 50306-0304, referencing the Loan Number set <br />forth on Exhibit A or at such other address given to the undersigned by Lender, <br />at the same time as the notices are sent to Lessee. <br />4. Should the Lease be terminated for any reason prior to expiration of <br />its stated term, Lessor shall, upon written request by Lender to Lessor made <br />within sixty (60) days after such termination, enter into a new lease ("New <br />Lessee") with Lender as the Lessee. The New Lease shall have a term equal to <br />the remainder to the stated term of the Lease has it not been terminated prior to <br />the end its stated term. The New Lease shall have the same covenants, <br />conditions and agreements (except for any requirements which have been <br />satisfied by Lessee prior to termination) as are contained in the lease. Lessor <br />shall be required to enter into the New Lease only if Lender has remedied and <br />cured all monetary defaults under the lease and has cured or has commenced <br />and is diligently pursing completion of the cure of all non-monetary defaults of <br />Lessee susceptible to sure any party other than by the original Lessee. <br />5. This consent and agreement shall not operate to change or <br />supercede the terms & conditions of the lease in the event of a conflict, the terms <br />of the lease shall prevail. <br />Lessor <br />2 <br />