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Q SEW Pp�T <br />CITY OF <br />�m <br />z NEWPORT BEACH <br />c�<,FORN'P City Council Staff Report <br />March 13, 2018 <br />Agenda Item No. 16 <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: Dave Kiff, City Manager - 949-644-3001, <br />dkiff <br />PREPARED BY: Dave Kiff, City Manager - 949-644-3001 <br />TITLE: AB 2464 (Harper), Professional Services Agreement with Schmitz <br />and Associates, Budget Amendment <br />ABSTRACT: <br />The Council has expressed its interest in moving forward with legislation to create special <br />"Port Master Plan" for Newport Harbor, which would allow the City Council to function as <br />the Coastal Act permitting authority for infrastructure and other projects on the waters of <br />Newport Harbor outside of the ecological reserve in Upper Newport Bay. <br />To pass AB 2464 (Harper) and to provide either support or neutrality on AB 2464 from <br />the California Coastal Commission, staff recommends bringing on Coastal advocate Don <br />Schmitz' firm to work with the Coastal Commission and staff. Schmitz has indicated his <br />desire to work with Sean Henschel of Henschel Government Affairs to advocate directly <br />for AB 2464 in Sacramento. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />a) Determine this action is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) <br />pursuant to Sections 15060(c)(2) and 15060(c)(3) of the CEQA Guidelines because <br />this action will not result in a physical change to the environment, directly or indirectly; <br />b) Authorize the Mayor to send a letter to Assembly Member Matthew Harper in support <br />of AB 2464; <br />c) Authorize the City Manager to execute a Professional Services Agreement with <br />Schmitz and Associates, including work with Henschel Government Affairs, in the <br />amount of $16,000 per month for up to six months, with a not -to -exceed amount of <br />$120,000; and <br />d) Approve Budget Amendment No. 18BA-032 in the amount of $120,000 from the <br />General Plan Update CIP, 01201928-980000-18M12, to the City Council Professional <br />Services budget, 01005005-811008. <br />16-1 <br />