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EXHIBIT A <br />SCOPE OF SERVICES <br />Consultant shall provide the following Services: <br />Information Gathering and Analvsis <br />Consultant will meet with the Mayor, Members of the City Council and other <br />appropriate City individuals to obtain views of the position and expectations regarding <br />desirable training, experience and personal characteristics of candidates. Consultant will <br />also gather/review relevant information about the City and the position. <br />After summarizing findings, Consultant will submit a draft Recruitment Brochure <br />with the desired qualifications and characteristics for City's approval. The Recruitment <br />Brochure that will be sent to potential candidates will include information about the City, <br />the job, and the criteria established by City. <br />Candidate Recruitment/Outreach <br />Once the City has approved the Recruitment Brochure, Consultant will proactively <br />seek out individuals with superior qualifications, invite, and encourage their interest. <br />Announcements will be placed online and in professional journals. However, Consultant <br />will rely heavily on its own experience and contacts. <br />Consultant will not discriminate against any applicant for employment on the basis <br />of race, religion, creed, age, color, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, disabilities, <br />medical condition, veteran status or national origin. A substantial percentage of the <br />placements made by Consultant over the years have been minority and/or female <br />candidates. <br />Initial Screenin <br />Consultant will review, acknowledge and evaluate all resumes received. Initial <br />screening shall be based upon criteria contained in the Recruitment Brochure, information <br />contained in the resumes submitted to Consultant, and Consultant's knowledge of the <br />people and organizations in which they work. Telephone screening shall be conducted <br />with the most promising candidates to gain a better understanding of their backgrounds. <br />Interim Reporting <br />Upon completion of Consultant's initial screening, Consultant will assemble and <br />submit a report of the leading candidates. This report will include summary resumes, <br />supplemental information, and the original resumes of those candidates Consultant <br />believes to be best qualified for the position. <br />Supplemental information on a candidate typically includes: the size of the <br />organization for which the person works, reporting relationships, budget responsibility, <br />the number of people supervised, related experience and reasons for interest in the <br />Roberts Consulting Group, Inc. Page A-1 <br />