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RESOLUTION NO. 2018-65 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, AUTHORIZING <br />THE SUBMITTAL OF LOCAL COASTAL PROGRAM <br />AMENDMENT NO. LC2018-002 TO THE CALIFORNIA <br />COASTAL COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING NEW STATE <br />LAW REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO ACCESSORY <br />DWELLING UNITS (PA2018-099) <br />WHEREAS, State law (Senate Bill 229 and Assembly Bill 494, Statutes of 2017) <br />requires jurisdictions to amend their local zoning ordinances to conform to California <br />Government Code Section 65852.2; <br />WHEREAS, Senate Bill 229 and Assembly Bill 494 are intended to address the <br />State housing crisis by easing regulatory barriers for homeowners who choose to <br />construct accessory dwelling units; <br />WHEREAS, accessory dwelling units provide housing for family members, <br />students, the elderly, in-home health care providers, the disabled, and others, at below <br />market prices within existing neighborhoods. In addition, homeowners who construct <br />accessory dwelling units benefit from added income and increased sense of security; <br />WHEREAS, allowing accessory dwelling units in conjunction with single-family <br />residential development provides additional rental housing stock; <br />WHEREAS, accessory dwelling units offer lower cost housing to meet the needs <br />of existing and future residents within existing neighborhoods, while respecting <br />architectural character; <br />WHEREAS, adopting an ordinance consistent with California Government Code <br />Section 65852.2 ensures that the character of the City of Newport Beach ("City") is <br />preserved to the maximum extent possible and that the City's regulation regarding <br />accessory dwelling units continues to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the <br />community; <br />WHEREAS, the City has designated areas where accessory dwelling units may <br />be located, when permitted by California Government Code Section 65852.2, based in <br />part upon adequacy of water and sewer services and the impact of accessory dwelling <br />units on traffic flow and public safety; <br />WHEREAS, as permitted by California Government Code Section 65852.2, the <br />City finds that prohibiting parking in rear alley setbacks is essential to preserve vehicular <br />maneuverability for residents and fire -life safety personnel traveling through the City's <br />narrow alleyways. In addition, prohibiting parking in front setbacks, unless located on a <br />driveway with a minimum twenty -feet (20') in depth, is also essential to ensure that <br />driveways are of sufficient depth to accommodate a vehicle entirely on-site without <br />protruding into the public right-of-way and blocking pedestrian, bicyclist, and vehicular <br />traffic, creating a life safety condition. <br />